I can only have one bag, which one.. (help!)

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  1. alright i am deciding against two bags
    a large khaki/gold carly
    a medium khaki patchwork ergo tote

    personally i'm leaning to the ergo, because the carly's strap drop seems too short, too short to be comfortable, and also, it seems small, even though maybe it's not
    I really love the patchwork on the ergo- not so much on the carly though- and basically the carly w/ shipping and all is as much as the ergo is so there really isn't too much difference price wise... which should i get and why:confused1:
  2. I love the Carlys so I'm partial....
  3. Carly definitely ! I want one too !
  4. I think you answered your own question-you love the Ergo tote! :yes:

    There is one point I do want to make-the strap on the large Carly is plenty long. I am 5'7" with a large frame and ample arms. The large Carly has more than enough room for me to wear it comfortably. The Carly is a funny bag-it doesn't look like it will fit well when the bag is full of stuffing. Take the paper out and put your stuff inside and you will see it slouch beautifully, creating a great strap drop.
  5. hmm thats the problem... i just don't know.. carly is good because it is simpler than the patchwork.. ie more versitale...so maybe i'd better go to the store....
  6. I love my Carly.......tried on the Ergo too but loved the Carly. I did end up with the large instead of the medium though.
  7. I find the strap on the carly to be very comfortable. That said, I do like the patchwork ergo and though I won't be getting one, I think either bag will look great and bring you joy. Let us know which you choose.
  8. My vote is for the large Carly. But you have to go with the bag YOU love! Let us know what you decide on!
  9. I think you've got to go to the boutique and try them both out. Take all of your things and put them in there=-The SAs are reallly nice and don't mind you putting your stuff in to try out bags.

    Let us know what you choose and don't forget the pics!
  10. ^^I agree with T-mama.^^

    That's how I decided on the large Carly.
  11. carly:tup:
  12. Definitely go to the store and try them both on (remember to put your stuff in the bag so that you can get an accurate read on how it will fit with all of your stuff in it). But I would recommend the large Carly!
  13. I vote for the Carly!
  14. Carly!!
  15. Carly! the color combo is stunning.