I can offically post here... I'm a new spy owner!!!!

  1. I'm soooo excited I just won a zucca spy at an unblievable price:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:!!!! I have a feeling it's going need a little tlc, but for the price thats ok. I can spend an extra $200 to restore her:yes:..
    I've been lurking in this thread for a while now, as I'm generally a chloe gal, but I don't really post anything because I don't have much to contribute as my knowledge on fendi is almost nil. But now that I have my spy I feel as though I am officially part of the family:heart:!
    Thanks for sharing my joy with me I will post the link to my bag, and I look forward to chatting with you all on a regular basis. As my quest for more spy bags has just begun:graucho:!

    btw; any suggestions on where I can send her for restoration? TIA..
  2. You don't have to own a spy or any Fendi for that matter to be part of the family... There's enough love to go around. :heart::heart::heart:

    As for how to restore her, I wouldn't have a clue. I'm sure the other ladies will have heaps of suggestions. Great deal though! Congrats!
  3. ^^^ Thanks for the congrats!!!

    And I almost forgot, Thanks sooo much Layney!!! Wouldn't have found this one without ya;):tup:!
  4. Congrats Ali! I think that is the perfect 1st spy bag... you'll be able to wear it with everything!
  5. Congrats....! that's a great deal!!!:nuts: Ali
  6. Congrats....!that's a great deaL for a zucca spy!!!:nuts:
  7. Ooops...Sorry for the double post.
  8. Awesome! That is a great price! It is beautiful. Please post pics when you get her!!
  9. Congratulations! Nice bag.
  10. Ali - a really nice bag!

    The handle tho....will need to be taken to a real purse pro. Sometimes the inside filling escapes the tortuga leather handle. It needs to be worked back in & glued into place after opening up the lining. My purse repair person did this once for me & almost gave up...sometimes it is impossible...hopefully not in your case.

    What peaked my interest in the bag is that it looks like Cognac leather rather than the usual chocolate. When you get it "prettied up" lets have a look (pics! pics!). If it is Cognac, it should go on Lits Spy List...very unusal. :yes:
  11. Good catch baglady. That's why you guys are the Fendi experts.:okay:
  12. Thanks everybody:woohoo: I'm so excited I can't wait to her!!!! I will post pics as soon as she's all dolled up:p.

    I still can't believe I got her at that price, I hope she's not to bad off when I open the package:noworry:!
  13. Wow great deal! That's a great bag I'm glad you got it. The color does look lighter, would love to see pics when you get it:yes:. And as Kavnadoo said, you don't have to own a fendi to post here, everyone's welcome (except for mean people...lol:p)

  14. Hey there fellow Chloe-lover:tender:, sister SAHM:cutesy:, BB Buddy :lecture: (mine!) and Fendi Nappa/Zucca Spy owner :yahoo:!!! I am sooo thrilled for ya, Ali!!! And the pleasure - a vicarious thrill! - is mine! :tup:

    $406 is UNbelievable! But you are hands down a Dealfinder Extraordinaire. I hope you enjoy this beautiful specimen of a bag as much as I do!!! Can't wait to hear all about her once you open that package... I'm crossing my fingers that despite the imperfections your heart :heart:will skip a beat!
  15. Thanks Layney:heart:!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed too, I hope I have good purse karma and she turns out to be great:tender:!