I can now personally worsen all of our addictions!

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  1. Hi Girls!!!!

    I have not been to the forum for like 3- 4 weeks!!! I feel totally out of it, but I moved to TEXAS!!!!

    Crazy yes. I just started working at the Saks here in San Antonio & I don't know if any of our tPF'ers shop at this location, but they do have quite a few styles.... I had was quite happy when I saw them all!!!:yes:

    So if any of you ladies need a pair let me know I can look them up & send you emails with new arrivals & sizes!.... this is not a good job to have with my CL obsession!

    I hope everyone is doing well! PM me & I can give my work email.
  2. Uh-Oh!

    Where were you when I needed a good SA to look over my shoes? I'm so sick of getting damaged shoes!!!
  3. Haha! Trust me I am psycho about the perfection of my CL's so I know what you mean! I had to return two pairs so far cause they were too distressed in some way or another.
  4. Whoo, whoo!
  5. Yayyy!!! FINALLY a fellow TPFer on the inside lol
  6. I know it! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!
  7. Oooh how exciting!
  8. woohoo! hook-ups! :yahoo:
  9. Congrats on your new job!
  10. :woohoo:It's great to have connections! Now we need an insider at Neimans. :graucho:
    Congrats on the job!
  11. That's great news! Congratulations landing your new job!! :tup:
  12. xnplo, gemruby, complusivepurse, & Everyone! : Thanks!!
  13. Would you like my address now? Or later???
  14. Congrats... awesome job and good to know we have an "inside man"
  15. this is very good, but very bad for my wallet lol!!!