I can not begin to explain what I would do to this guy

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    Reading this makes me SO angry.
  2. OH !!!!! :sad: :sad: I didn't even finish the first paragraph... I want to cry :sad:
  3. he should receive the same punishment he put his daughter through...broken legs and all~!!

  4. I can't even read that. Just the words abuse and newborn had me ready to throw up! I wish I could take in/protect every abused child!
  5. omg that is just evil!! poor child :cry:
  6. I don't understand why he had to do that. If he can't handle being a father, they can have the child adopted to a family who's willing to give the child the love she deserves. People like that need to punished. Yes, texaschic231, broken bones and all!
  7. Well, I didn't get past the first sentence . . . .
    I hope he rots in Hell.
    I can't even swat my kids on the bottom. . . I cannot even fathom . . :cry:sick bastard.:yucky:

    They're going to give him what he deserves in prison I hope, from what I understand the prisoners don't tolerate people that hurt children.
  8. I didn't even have to click the link, I knew what you were talking about when I saw the title of your thread. I just read this article earlier and it made me cry. Such sick sick people out there!

    He will get his in jail though:yes:
  9. OMG! the baby is 4 and he's 21, so that means he got a daughter at the age of 17!!!
    he's too young and emotional to have a baby, that's why on some case, i do agree with abortion...
  10. I wish I could find a way to adopt that poor little child and give it love like its never known. What a sick, sick man. I feel ill.
  11. OMG...my heart and prayers go out to that sweet little baby:sad:
  12. adoption would be a better alternative. . . this baby deserved a loving family:hysteric:
  13. on some case i agree, i think it depends on the population and economical states of people in the country.
    in 3rd world countries, orphans are over whelming and not many interested in adopting a child. i've seen how some orphans being treated in the orphanage. it's so sad...
  14. i think you misread. the baby was 4 days old when she was taken home from the hospital on sept. 11... therefore, the infant is a little over 2 months old now.

    it sickens me to read such news. i'm also wondering why the mother didn't do anything about this and why is she not charged also?
  15. wow he deserves to die.