I can never get a break!!! My wallet......

  1. I just noticed that the Legacy Slim Envelope Wallet that I bought yesterday had BLACK SPOTS all over it!!! I looked at my bag (which is the same exact color) and it doesn't have any on it at all!!! And the clasp on the top, the brass is really worn off. Like it was returned before. And of course I had them wrap everything so I didn't look at it beforehand like I should have. stupid me!!!

    I'm thinking I should take it back and exchange it for a different one and inspect it. I hate paying so much money for something and just dealing with it.
    You can't see so well in this picture, but those little black dots are everywhere.


  2. that is so frustrating!!! You should take it back if you aren't happy. :tdown:
  3. Yes, take it back for another! :yes:
  4. I made sure to check my Carly today. During last PCE I bought the Chocolate sig Carly and didn't check either and a week later I found the stitching at the top was coming undone so I returned it. This is a lesson to everyone PLEASE CHECK YOUR BAGS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STORE!!!
  5. So sorry to hear that Candance!! Hope everything works out! :heart:
  6. aw that's sucks.. hope you can exchange things easily :flowers:
  7. Geez Candace you deserve a bunch of good karma for all this crap you've been putting up with!