I can never be just let it go.....

  1. I have sold many of my old purses on eBay but I can never just let them start at a low rate of money and have people bid. I'm always afraid they won't go high enough and I will lose my item for less than it's worth. I know it's a gamble but I have twice posted an item that is real and at a reasonable price and it's not selling. I know people love to bid...I love to bid but how do I take that chance. I have even tried the reserve thing and I hear people hate that so what do I do...help I need to sell my old purses to support new ones.:confused1:
  2. I would put a reserve price. I know what you mean though, you want to start it off low enough so people bid but god forbid it sells too low. It depends on what I'm selling as far as the reserve goes. Something pricey though you might not have a chance. How about BIN w/best offer and start a little higher?
  3. I've had pretty good luck with the BIN auctions. I think there are a lot of no nonsense people who don't want to wait. Have you tried those?
  4. I have a MJ purse I'm trying to sell and the starting price has been high and I'm using a BIN with a higher price it's real but has a flaw so I thought I would start it at the price I paid...but still no takers. Is it because they are not sure it's real? I have posted a ton of pictures and I have sold my purses before my rating is 100% and they are indeed real. I'm getting discouraged.
  5. Aww..Don't be discouraged. Just hang in there. You never know what will happen. I had a used MBMJ wallet that had a serious flaw and it went for way more than I orginally purchased it new at the store. I would say just wait it out. If it doesn't sell, you can always relist.
  6. Most of the ones I've listed were at least half off retail. Could it be your price is too high? If you paid retail and you are trying to sell it for the same it will be difficult.

    My personal feelings are if I'm the item is at retail (or close to it) on eBay or close to the sale price a reputable place like NM, Nordstrom, etc. then I will not bid. I would rather not take the chance and have some assurnce my bag is real.

    This happened to me recently. I was looking at a Botkier Tigger bag but the bids pushed it to $280 quickly. I found it at Neiman Marcus on sale for $300. I paid the extra $20 for the assurance it was real and the ability to return it if it wouldn't meet my needs.
  7. about MJ the MJ forum could give more input but it may be the resale value of the bag? I understand that some styles are more popular than others???

    If it has a flaw and you want to sell, trying to sell at the price you bought (retail?) is probably not going to work. I am assuming you paid retail - and I would not pay retail for a used bag. so I think you will have to lower your price or keep relisting until someone comes and just wants that bag.

    I am one of the people that hate reserves but only bec of the guess work - I have asked sellers for their reserve price and when they tell me, I know whether it is worth to bid. you could disclose your reserve price.
  8. I understand, but equally never expect to get what I paid on an item if a) I have used it (no matter how infrequently or carefully) and b) am not able to provide the follow-up, guarantees etc of a shop. In other words, I never expect to be able to sell at retail and if I do it's a bonus!

    Seriously, I agree that if I am going to pay the full price for an item, I am going to go to a shop with all the protection that provides rather than Ebay. The market just seems different. The only exception might be the rare, discontinued but high demand item in which case I start with a near retail bid and see what happens.

    Touch wood, I have always sold on first listing - the profits may not be as immediately great, but they are sales!
  9. I actually prefer BIN over bidding. Because I tend to get outbid at the last minute on something I reeeeealy want!! And that irks me! LOL

    Usually when I BIN, its not super duper cheap, but it is far below the MSFP! So I still feel I got an awesome deal!
  10. The item was an as is because one of the balls on the mj mp was missing other wise I have never carried the bag. It's spotless and pretty. It is a great value a brand new bag that cost 895.00 retail for 60% off because the ball is missing even though I have the ball and it can be fixed. I don't think I priced it to high but now I listed it again I will see what happens. thank you for all of your input and help. I have sold purses before and never had this problem maybe it's the listing. I don't sell under this name so I hope I have not said anything I can not say.
  11. Unfortunately a bags worth is what the market will pay. We sometimes get wrapped up emotionally in an item. We know what we paid and what we "should" get for an item. But for many reasons, some of which have been outlined here already, the bag is not worth nearly as much as what you may think it should sell for to as many people as you might think. You might luck up and find someone who is interested in that exact bag at your price. But if they believe they can find one in perfect condition for the same price, or more, people will keep looking!
  12. i like 99 cent starts with a best offer option