I can just die!

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  1. OMG! I am so upset! My husband and I got home from a week long vacation today and discovered that our newly finished basement is flooded. We have been in this house two years and have never had water before....I am just devestated. I don't know where to turn. I called our insurance company and filed a claim...hopefully I will hear from them tomorrow. Because of the weather we are having hear in NJ, all water proofing/cleanup companies are booked up....I am hoping for the best....please send warm thoughts my way.
  2. I am so sorry to here that! I hope you can get it straightened out... again I'm very sorry!
  3. so sorry this happened to you! happened to me too! we seriously just took a mop and tried to get rid of the water as much as possible. good luck!
  4. Oh no!!!!! *hugs and best wishes* your way.....

    This crazy wheather we've been having is sooo distrubing....:s

    Hope everything turns out good....
  5. Oh, sweetheart! I hope that everything works out for you! The same thing happened to some friends of ours a couple years ago...he had just finished remodeling their basement the week before and then they got rain for like, 3 days in a row (everything flooded)! They got the leaks fixed and the repairs went very smoothly...I hope the same for you! I AM SO SORRY!! Good luck to you!!
  6. Aww *HUGS* I'm so sorry to hear that. I really hope you get things straightened out and that the insurance company can help you. That's just terrible. Everything will be okay. Good luck!
  7. Ugh, I'm sorry! I'm sending good wishes your way. {{Hugs}}
  8. Sorry to hear about this - sending warm, dry thoughts your way!!

    This happened to us one, it was only about an 1 inch so it didn't damage any of our appliances and was easy to clean up. The thing that kept me out of there was the single cat poo that was floating around. Yes, we had a floater. Yuk.
  9. hey

    i'm sending good vibes to you...

    i hope they manage to find someone soon to clear up the water and damage.... i think you should keep on calling them until they send someone over...

    good luck!
  10. I'm sorry to hear that.. Is that because of the bad weather in USA right now?
  11. Sorry to hear that. That happened at my house recently, they put this little well-like thing underground to catch any additional water so it doesn't flood again. Maybe they can do that for you, I don't know the specifics, though. Good luck. I hope your vacation was nice and fun.
  12. I know things like that suck! I wish your insurance company would be able to help ASAP... HUGS*
  13. Hi,
    This happened to us also!! I didnt have power all of yesterday and couldnt get online.. we live right on the water and our whole basement and garage is underwater.. I was throwing sandbags on our property last night to stop the water.. nothing helped! Its horrible. They say that this has been 6 weeks of rain in 2 days! I definitly know what youre going through
  14. UGH..I just got back from vacation too...Im afraid to go look in my basement now....EEEEEEEEEEK!
    Actually we have a poured cement basement..and never had water issues..But who knows..Im afraid to see......
    Good luck..I hope u find someone and it gets cleaned up FAST!!!SO SORRY!
  15. OMG... i am so sorry that's awful! I hope someone goes out there soon to clean it up!