I can finally tell you all this!!!

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  1. Months ago, I entered Shop Etc. Magazine's "Handbag of Your Dreams" essay contest...Weeks ago, I found out that I won the essay contest and the handbag of my dreams: a Louis Vuitton Alma in Monogram Canvas!:yahoo: After all of the drooling over your LV bags, I'll finally have one of my own. (My hubby gave me a gift certificate to eluxury.com months ago for our anniversary...:idea: maybe I'll use it to buy a wallet to match the bag!!!)

    A few minutes ago, I found out that the bag is on it's way to me. :nuts: :wlae:

    I'll post pics when I receive the bag. :angel:

    I know it's silly of me to be dancing around a computer :shame: , but I am sooo happy right now!!! :jammin: :roflmfao:
  2. Wow...congratulations!
  3. congratulations!!! I am so happy for you
  4. Congratulations!! That's excellent news, well done!!

    Looking forward to the pictures, perhaps we could have a read of your essay too?

  5. congratulations! you are sooo lucky...... i've never won anything. and the Alma is such an excellent choice. do share your winning essay with us :yes:
  6. Congrats!!! The Mono Alma was my second LV...is a great bag .!. Enjoy and again, congrats
  7. Thank you! *HUGS* You all don't want to wait for the issue to read it? :lol: Not sure which issue it will be.:confused1: Maybe I'll just post the essay when I post pics of the bag.
  8. Congratulation!:yahoo:
  9. Oh, and get this...I also found out that Hearst is shutting Shop Etc. Magazine down.:sad:

    I wonder if my essay will actually be in an issue? :crybaby: :lol:

    Whatever...I'll post the essay when I post the bag pics.:supacool:
  10. Awesome
  11. Wow, that's awesome! Congrats!
  12. That is excellent! Congrats!
  13. Wow great news!! Congrats!!
  14. Last November I won a handbag from a radio station. Unfortunately all the LV's had been picked, but I wound up with a cool Coach bag that has shearling fur on the top. I know how great it feels to get a new handbag for free. Congratulations!
  15. Wow! Talented and tastefull, congrats!
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