I can do casual

  1. Here's some pictures of a cardigan jacket I made. Okay, before you northerners laugh at me because it rarely gets below 30F in Phoenix, the garment is light weight and perfect for those nippy nights and early mornings. We've had a rather mild winter, even by Phoenix standards, but January did bring sub-freezing temps and rain and old cardigan was just a little too worn for the job.
    This one is made of sweatshirt fleece which I thought was too thin to be warm, so I put a flannel inside. Not only did it add some weight and shape, but also made it rather cozy and warm.
    Sorry I could not get the jacket to hang more attractively on a hanger. Maybe I should invest in a dress form so I can take more appealing photos of my work.
    Cardigan1 sm.jpg

    cardiganback sm.jpg

    Cardigan sm.jpg
  2. It looks very well done!
  3. Oh wow, that looks soo pretty! I want one! lol!
  4. Cute:yes:
  5. Hello, Impsola!
    If you're interested, PM me or visit my website and I'll tell you what I need.
    I'm glad you like the cardigan jacket. It's way nicer than what's in the stores these days. I couldn't even find a decent sweater this year. I couldn't find one in black and in my size. Then when I finally did find one it looked too "old lady" for me and I'm past 40! So, I bought some fabric from fabric.com (great for regular stuff) and already had the baseball flannel for heaven knows how long. I think I bought it at one of those expos I go to.
  6. Thanks, Sonya!
    Only took me about 6 hours (not all at once), too. Not too many people know that almost my entire wardrobe is constructed by me. Not until they ask where I got my clothes or make some other comment about what I'm wearing.
    I have over 20 years of couture and tailoring under my belt and I'm quite proud of my work.
  7. Loooks sooooooooo warm and snuggly!

    The office is freezing cold now, so it's looking pretty amazing to me at the 'mo :p
  8. It's nice! Love the lining too.
  9. It's great for offices! And around the house, too. Saves on the heating bill, which isn't much here but I don't want to pay any more than I have to. Actually, this is the first year I've actually had to turn on the heater (usually in the morning) in the 9 years I've been in this house.
  10. Baseball is my favorite sport! This fabric has been in my linen closet for so long that I was considering selling it, but I never could quite part with it. Which is great, because it's such a soft, snuggly and warm flannel. I really should use more of my fabric stash...I have such great stuff in the linen closet. Yes, there is linen in there, just not sheets, towels or other things one would usually find in a linen closet.