I can die happy now. . .bordeaux PW stam!

  1. Thanks to a SUPERSTAR PTFer my new addition came today. Everyone at work was asking what was in my package. . .I could barley contain myself. As if the stam were not pretty enough, MJ had to go and make it in the best color ever: BORDEAUX:love::love::love::love:

    So basically I think that in order to give this bag the attention she deserves I might need to go on a ban (eek!), excluding wallets and clutches of course. Hmmmm, perhaps a stam ban if nothing else LOL.

    I'm sorry that I can't seem to get very good pics, and the awesomeness of the color does not come through at all. It really is the color of bordeaux!

  2. Lord, have MERCY! I'm dyin'!!!

    That is amazing!!!! :woohoo:
  3. Beautiful bag - and it looks absolutely gorgeous on you! So classy! Congrats :flowers:
  4. beautiful!!! congratulations!
  5. Wow!! that's one GORGEOUS bag! I never saw a MJ bag I didn't love.
    This one looks wonderful on you. First time I saw a Bordeaux Stam - love love love it! Where did you find her?
  6. I love the color!!! You wear her well :drool:
  7. BEST

    Congrats! I love it! It looks darling with your ensemble ;)
  8. Gorgeous!!!
  9. ahhh... i keep coming back to see the pics. SO gorgeous :girlsigh: I've seen the Bordeaux stam IRL and now I'm wondering whether I should have looked for that one too...Congrats! I hope you are thrilled!
  10. Oh my gosh, spaceyjacy, that is one beautiful bag. Love the color, looks great on you too. So lucky, which I could score one...congrats!!!
  11. omg that is amazing. i love it!
  12. OMG looks fabulous :smile:
  13. OMG! Gorgeous bag! When was that produced? I haven't seen one IRL before. It looks great on you! Where in the world did you find that???
  14. Me too!!!
  15. Thanks for all the compliments!:heart:

    I found her on eBay NWT being offered up by a lovely TPFer. The serial tag indicated that she came out for S07. I wouldn't have assumed that it was a spring color, but it's an amazing alternative to black. I love the Bordeaux color just exactly for that reason. There is not a single thing I own that this wouldn't look brilliant with!:love: