I can buy whatever i want...EXCEPT a purse! HELPO!!!

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  1. SOOOO i just talked to my brother...he is coming to drop off my furniture and help me set up my place anddddddd he said hes going to take back his credit card :crybaby:(ive been using it to get settled in oklahoma hehe)

    BUT he said go ahead and get whatever i want...so i have TWO DAYS until he gets into town anddddd im bombarded with exams and projects :sad:

    NOW down to the POINT!

    He SUGGESTED i go to coach and get whatever i want since i havnt gotten much PCE stuff yet and its over soon...he said get whatever i want, EXCEPT a purse!! haha boys, he thinks i have too many purses

    BUT WHAT DO I GET??? I know i want the Raiven sandles, havnt seen them IRL are they hot?

    What else?? I was thinking a braclet, maybe some scarves (after seeing umm i forget her name but her MASSIVE collection i decided i have some catching up to do haha)

    what else what else? i dont need a wallet, nor a wrislet MAYBE a miniskinny for my ipod, my juicy one is missing!

    ahhhhh HELP HELP HELP!

    THANKS :smile: (btw im 24 and i LOVE color hehe)
  2. You could buy me a wallet!!!! LOL.....
  3. Get scarves! They will instantly add color and refresh the bags you already have! Plus they're (relatively) cheap and are a lot of bang for your buck!

    PS...Can your brother talk to my brother, because they only thing he's ever given me was a wedgie!
  4. Such problems you have! :yahoo:

    Have you tried the perfume? I love it! Also, scarves, an agenda, the bracelets look pretty too. There are keychains, cell phone lanyards, sunglasses...I also love the Raiven sandals, but haven't seen them in person! Go online & dream, that will help you decide! Although you will have an awfully long list!!! He will probably wish he'd let you buy a purse when you're finally done, because all of the little goodies tend to add up too! Have fun & let us know what you decide on! :yes:
  5. sunglasses, bracelet, or scarves
  6. p.s. that's a fun challenge, what a nice brother
  7. I agree with the girlies above. Have you seen the new toucan keyfob? TDF! Its so darned cute!
  8. haha all of you guys are so cute!! haha

    I love the ideas of tons of scarves...sunglasses are TOTALLY hot, but i barely wear the ones that i have

    oh man scarves yummy haha (i have self diagnosed myself with add!)

    I have a planner so i cant get that :sad: man i wish they made pens, my BF got me a tiffanys pen but im afraid i will lose it hehe id like to have a back up!

    ummm see i love the keychains but i dont think i will put them on my purses (im scared of scratching the hardware hehe) and i wont use them for my keys cuz im addicted to my jingly keychain from india and my tiffanys one

    i LOVE attaching the cell phone lanyards to random things ala my laptop case or my usb thingy! so which ones should i get from that!!

    Braclets are a MUST!! Which ones are HOT? I like the pink nailhead!!

    hehe i LOVE ur ideas girlys THANKS SO MUCH! Keep them coming!!

    (btw he didnt want me to buy a purse because of the price, but cuz i have too many coach purses UHGHGHH men! hehe)

    DOES COACH MAKE BASEBALL HATS!! ohhh maybe that legacy sweater, that was HOT!

    help hlep help!
  9. well did he say how much you could spend?? cuz if he said like $300 you still could get a purse!
  10. CONGRATS! :yahoo: You have such a nice brother. I understand that you wouldn't want to abuse this because he is being so nice about it, but..:graucho:. Get what you've been eyeing. Sunglasses, scarves, wristlets, mini skinnies, etc. but in moderation. Lol. As LLEvans4 said scarves are a good way to add color. Also you could get the lion and the frog key fobs if you wanted to order them.:yes:
  11. i like the idea of stocking up on scarves and bracelets because the add vibrance to any outfit
  12. no he didnt really give a limit, but you guys are right i dont want to abuse it hehe!! and theres no way i can just lie and say i spent 500 bucks on accessories haha he actually looks at the stuff i buy! :smile:

    Im thinking a few scarves and a few braclets...and FOR SURE the raven sandles, because those look so darn cute and i just saw they have more sizes in!!

    but which scarves and what braclets?? I have the legacy scarf with the c's on the back, another signature scarf, and the story book scarf!

    I think i would only use the pony tail scarves...are there any cute ones out now?? i saw the polkadot one but i think its kind of too busy, but i think ill check it out in person, im not diggin the animal print ones

    WHAT ELSE!! thanks for the sweet words and suggestions guys....

  13. I need a brother....can I borrow him? lol J/k I would definitely get some scarfs and anything else that screams ***you need me and you will use me*** but not go overboard. Really? I need a brother like that. I just have a younger and she thinks I am nuts.
  14. What about one of the signature bangles? The white is so pretty!