I can barely type, but I am still here! Can you say "addiction"?

  1. This morning, I was doing some major cleaning. I had amassed quite a collection of cardboard boxes which were in need of recycling. I was using a scissors to cut the tape on the boxes so I could flatten them, and I sliced my right hand ring finger. It took forever to make the bleeding stop. At first I thought I would need stitches, but I didn't. Right now, my finger is all bound up in a cocoon of gauze and tape and I can barely type. Yet I am still posting here! I need serious help.... :sweatdrop:
  2. OMG --- you are definitely addicted! LOL I hope you and your finger feel better! That must've hurt!
  3. Wow , glad to hear you are okay !
  4. Hope your finger's feeling better!!
  5. Eeek, hope your finger heals soon!
  6. Ack!!! You have serious issues!! LOL, I've actually spent an entire day goofing around on here. It's too addictive.
  7. Ouch. Hope your finger heals quickly.
    I've been on here practically all day.
  8. :tpfrox:Aww! I'm sorry, I hope your finger is feeling better by now. Yeah, that would be me too. I am totally addicted to this place. tPF does that to ya!
  9. ouch - hope it heals fast, so you can type faster :nuts:
  10. Aw, sorry that you're finger is cut. I'm glad your still here, you're a trooper! LOL.
  11. Eow!!

    Hope ya finger's feeling a lot better now! :flowers:
  12. LOL..thanks everyone. My finger is doing better today, so I was able to switch to a lighter bandage. Now I can type with relative ease. That's a blessing, because I had a report to write!
  13. Wow! you are addicted. Hope heal soon.