I came up with a new name for JC!

  1. :wlae: Ok I know you all probably think I'm crazy. But i'm bored and was looking through the jimmy Choo catalogue and realized how glamourous. hot and bling bling it is compared to other designer such as Christian louboutin et others. While I was doing this, i was listening to music and came up with this .......:jammin:

    So you guys ready.. here it is!!

    JIMMY CHIZZLE!!!!:graucho:

    (lol ok not that creative, but it sounds cool!);)
  2. Works for me!;)
  3. Love it.
  4. Nah sorry doesn't work for me, everytime I buy new shoes this goes through my head

    Woo Hoo, New Shooooes Jimmy Choooos!

    Sorry, it amuses me lol.
  5. Sorry - explorer probs
  6. riffraf- come one! its soooo suits it! lol
  7. No not really - Sorry in my working environment "Chizzler" is used to describe a person in a derogatory manner.
  8. oh sorry! didnt know that!