I Came, I Saw, I ………? (Reveal)

  1. REALLY love this colour, its so rich, congratulations Corries! Off to have a look at .com....
  2. In honour of your new acquisition, I went and checked out the new season leather samples at HoF today. REALLY LOVELY. And that was only the sample. Can't wait to see it IRL.
  3. OMG GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!! I think I'll be buying my first Mulberry very soon :smile:
  4. Quoted for truth - you have a lovely smile!
  5. Corries - I am late to this but had to say your new Alexa is stunning! I love that colour :biggrin: Congrats!!
  6. :graucho:Corries - My Granny said 'theres more fun at a Glasgow funeral than an Edinburgh wedding, Amazing colour, was having a wee look at the Marcie's in Frasers the other day, tried on the most gorgeous Cream Large one and had to tear myself away as i've bought a 2 other bags recently
  7. I'm morphing into my grannie hen! Poor old Embra!

    Hopefuly that large Cream will go in the Sale, it is such a seasonal colour
  8. Wine was kicking in juliewoo and stroking the Conker helped! I don't think I could take a pic of myself smiling in a mirror!

    Thanks Hula1

    ITA fionarat, the new leathers look a big improvement on the last couple of seasons

    Thank you, Good luck when you do ayanna :smile:

    Thank you pamster xxx
  9. Gorgeous Corries. This colour looks so much nicer in your pics than on the websites.
    I saw the Bays on NAP and was seriously tempted but it looks even nicer on the Alexa
  10. Came back for another drool- over Becky:p I love all her modelling pics- I wish my Benny was so well behaved!!!
  11. The Alexa is certainly glossier Rach but the large Nappa grain is glorious. Wait till you see IRL.x

    She is a docile big lamb I have to admit. Except with bees. She chases them relentlessly and it looks downright silly.
  12. The leather looks great!
  13. My rough collie Maxie used to do that- even when he got stung the dope!
  14. oooh, the conker is stunning! Haven't seen it IRL yet, may have to see if they have any instore.
  15. You look stunning, Hun, with a fantastic smile! Conker looks good too!