I Came, I Saw, I ………? (Reveal)

  1. So this was a case of vino vidi vici then :cool:

    Congratulations on an absolute stunner and all the better for being "free".

    My school memories of conkers are much happier than those of school cabbage. Just don't go soaking it in vinegar and baking it in the oven - a bit of Collonil should suffice!
  2. Thank you Nic75 x

    ITA Lady F. All we need now is a Pillar Box Red:smile:

    Thank you too armcandy x

    Thank you sme99. The pattern is peeling on some of them and it's unfixable unfortunately. she was my most favourite Bays ever.

    Thank you Ellie, as I said to sme just there, I do really really miss Splodge but I can't complain about the voucher deal.

    Thank you Luvtare x

    The pics make my living room look long and narrow instead of more squarish. No idea why. I have a feeling that Polly Push could take off, but then I had that feeling with Beatrice and Shimmy too!!

    Thank you ALP713, He's a She but that mistake gets made all the time. A He would be chewing the bags not posing with them!!

    I looked around to see if there was anyone I could place as a Weegie tpfer. I'll kick myself if someone was there and we missed each other. You'll need to remember the old saying that there is more fun at a Glasgow Wedding than an Edinburgh Funeral :graucho: Did you taste the cake Tiree ? it was sublime?

    Absolutely Fuzzog, I' d sell every last one of them if she needed anything. But I'd sell the cars and DH's cameras first :graucho:
  3. I adore the pic of the gogeous Becky with the Prada tote. Beautiful! She obviously enjoys having her pic taken and is extremely photogenic. My Sally drops her head, ears go down and she looks away when she sees a camera. She even knows when you're trying to sneek a pic using a phone. She will not look at a camera at any price.
  4. Corries I didn't taste the cake. I left Muls to go to HN meaning top pop back into Muls on the way back to the car but it was closed. Must have closed at 7pm. I was gutted.

    I've never heard that saying about the wedding and funeral but will definately keep it in mind for next time.
  5. :lolots::lolots::roflmfao:
    You have no idea how true that is TP.
    In vino veritas!

    Yes Becky is a poseur and I've yet to meet a GSD who isn't. They know they are gorgeous and they also know that their breeding is better than yours!
  6. Well becky steals the show of course but conker alexa is rather lovely too!
    A really nice rich shade and the grain looks rather lush.
  7. I am late to the party, but oh what a beautiful Alexa, that colour is stunning. Fab modelings of both you and Becka, congrats ! A little vino always makes decision easier :lol:
  8. I'm conked out Corries, just saw small Polly yesterday, wondering about regular Polly or even tote, or Bays.... now you throw at me this beauty!

    Looks great, many thanks for detailed pic :biggrin: Fab modeling pics as always... Becky looks so handsome too!!
  9. Late as usual- but just adore all the Bexky modelling pics- she is the absolute star of the show- gorgeous!! Congrats on another beauty- this is so rich - I wish I didnt have plum now!!
  10. Truly scrumptious corries.
    That is a colour that really suits the Alexa, can't wait till I can see (drool over) the colour IRL today in store.
  11. Gorgeous alexa corries, & the first on tpf I think! Very beautiful dog too, thanks for all the pics.
  12. Really beautiful Corries. I've seen this myself and was really taken with it.
    I think the leather you choose is perfection too, just what I would have chosen myself!
  13. Wowsers.
    A fabulous bag and what a Replacement (To capture the awesomeness of the Replacement, mere capitalisation is not enough!)
    I haven't had a chance to package up and post back my faded ink print bays but am planning to do so this weekend - and hopefully receive vouchers asap!

    I was looking at mulberry.com before I came over here and thought the conker bays might be my replacement - as long as the large grained nappa is a fairly hard wearing leather (going to search tpf now!).
  14. Thank you Ondrea :smile:

    And it's always a relief to still love the bag once the vino has worn off. Had a few WTF moments in the past as I reached for the Nurofen!

    Thank you RR, can't help banging on about PollyPL. Too like my Celine in terms of purpose, whereas the Alexa is casual. The Midnight Tote was lovely and I've still to see the larger PPL in that colour way. .com does it again because I went on to look at Midnight again and it looks Black! I thought I was going nuts. I remembered it as Navy. Anyway when I searched through the colour options on .com it is listed as a Blue.

    I honestly think there would be room in a wardrobe for both, This Burgundy shade is very classy. I'm not saying Plum isn't classy for a minute but I mean in terms of workwear, it is an Alexa easily dressed down with Navy/Grey suit and white shirt. There is an old vibe of understated Mulberry going on even although it's an Alexa. I can only assume Emma Hill was on holiday the day they devised it.

    I shall wait for a reveal with bated breath !!!

    Thank you blueberry, first but definitely not last!

    i was lucky enough to get a choice SHM and have to say there is nowhere near the variety of grain/quality/thickness that you experienced looking for Inky.

    Thank you audss. I posted a pic of the large grain Nappa earlier on the thread. This is it on PPL. It's a phone pic and has drained the Conker colour a bit . PPL is the same colour as my Alexa. It is gorgeous and a Bays would be knockout. I have always wanted a non-patent Burgundy Bays. Remember and PM me when you 're set!
  15. Hi Corries, I think you look amazing in the mulberry pic, you should smile more in your reveals. You look truly happy, then I would if I was there too :biggrin:

    The conker alexa is stunning, I am drooling. I'd get one, but I've my eye on a polly:graucho:

    Thanks for all the piccies