I came, I saw, I left empty handed

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  1. I went to LV in NYC couple of days ago and I didn't get anything at all. I went to the store in hope that I would go home with something. Somehow nothing really caught my eyes. What's wrong with me?
  2. maybe you are taking a break? Dont worry they are new items coming soon!
  3. I agree wait until the new items arrive in store:graucho:
  4. I don't want anything right now either. What gives???
  5. I'm sure this is just a phase......:yes:
  6. nothing is wrong with you, it happens to me all the time. like after reading about all the nice bags here, i would head down to the boutiques, after browsing, touching the bags, i'll get second thoughts, and then go home empty handed. it is a good thing coz you won't want to buy anything on an impulse anyways! :P
  7. I do that all of the time. I was in Neiman Marcus about a month ago, full on intending to buy anything to strike my fancy, but I left empty handed.
  8. Sounds familiar. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood...but the feeling passes very quickly. lol
  9. Lol I haven't been in a real big "bag" mood..more or less accessories for me. Sometimes it just takes awhile for something to catch your eye :yes:
  10. Wish that would happen to me...or at least my bank account wished that :P
  11. Its takes time, I dont think I will have a BV, but I bought it...
  12. same as me, its been a while ... like that, i hope 2007 collection will get me back on track :tender: :drinks: merry xmas
  13. There is nothing wrong with you. I think many of us do this.
  14. I just did the same thing.....nothing I really really "need" right now......I"m sure in the Spring something new will catch your eye!
  15. Do you have a fever???