I came home with my 2nd love of FW07,

  1. though I went to see Cruise 08...:p
    My eyes twinkled when my SA said "ONE PDV anthracite arrived just today!"


    R0010668_1.JPG R0010669_1.JPG
  2. And I got the bone necklace too, in Tin colour :smile:

    As I was making payment at the cashier, my eyes wandered and spied this scarf on display. I haaaad to have it, lol!

    IMAG0049_1.jpg R0010681_1.JPG
  3. Aaaaand back to why I was at the store to begin with: Cruise 08! Sadly/fortunately, I wasn't really in love with the Marina PM.


    IMAG0047_1.jpg IMAG0044_1.jpg
  4. That was an excellent haul! Are you able to wear the bag cross-body style?
    I love the bone necklace, so cute!
  5. Great new purchases, congrats!!
  6. Thanks! Yes, the bag is wearable messenger style. The attachable strap has a long adjustable length :smile:
  7. lovely items! congrats!
  8. your collection is gorgeous! love your new bag congratulations :smile:
  9. Ooh adorable! You always have the best purchases. I am now officially excited (and scared) to see the Marina, I like the shape!

  10. This is called Marina PM?? How much is it? btw: your collection is SICK! @_@' I am so JEALOUS!! :drool:
  11. Wow you got such beautiful stuff!! I love love love that bone necklace, and the scarf is to die for!
  12. Great Haul!! Love the necklace too!!
  13. great items and i love to see the marina PM ! such a great bag ! congrats !
  14. Ohhhh....congrats!!! You have great taste!! I still love your Epi Montaigne Sac the most! :smile: