=) I came home with a Miu Miu paper bag today ... !!

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  1. After a busy week, met up with my bf and after dinner we got a Miu Miu paper bag home!

    any guesses?

    I'll try to upload photos soon no cam at the moment but I can't wait to share the news with all Miu Miu lovers here!!!!!!!!! So here I am ... :yahoo:
  2. can't wait to see her:biggrin:
  3. I am here!!! cant wait to see too!
  4. waiting... :P
  5. So exciting- can't wait to see what's in the bag!
  6. waiting over here too!
  7. I'm back!
    let me continue my reveal!!!!! :smile:
  8. here's my lovely Fumo Vitello Lux Shopper!
    I'm so in love with it. :yahoo:

  9. hey gal, this is gorgeous! Enjoy!
  10. Lovely, congrats!:smile:
  11. I love fumo colour and I also love the style of vitello lux shopper. You have the perfect bag. Many congrats!
  12. so BEAUTIFUL and perfect!!!!!
  13. One of my favorite colors and bags!
  14. congrats what a pretty bag :love:
  15. Congratulations! I've always wanted a miu miu in FUmo but the color has eluded me. Where did you get this bag if I may ask, and did the store have it in the larger version of the vitello lux?