I came home with 3 little orange boxes today

  1. I became a very happy woman today after a visit to the H store ... 2 items were reserved for me, which have arrived after a little wait. The last one was a surprise purchase by any standard. :P

    The 3 little boxes

    Image243.jpg Image246.jpg Image247.jpg
  2. I'm not used to the new attachment function.

    GM Pink Carmencita - bookmark

  3. Orange Brides De Gala Twilly

  4. Bracelet Amulettes 26 Mailles (7 SACs) Argent
    - with 7 of Hermes most popular bag charms

  5. Woohoo!!!! Great purchase! ESPECIALLY the last! I hear they are quite hard to find! Congratulations! Wear them in great health!
  6. Congrats on your delicious new goodies!
  7. Thank you, Rose & 2703.

    I also viewed a 32cm Blue Jean HAC with palladium hardware. But it's in Epsom, so I passed on it. I saw 3 - 4 other names after mine, so I am sure it will be gone by later today or tomorrow!
  8. WOO HOO!!!!! What a haul, Mrs!!!!! Love everything but the bracelet especially is so great! Sounds like you had a really fun day......I haven't seen any of these items in my store. No surprises there but I'd sure like to see that bracelet one of these days.....
  9. shopmom, I too viewed another bracelet - a very delicate one. It is a silver chain with small little round silver 'coins' and one of the coins is in gold with the word Hermes engraved on it. I couldn't make myself buy 2 bracelets in a day, so I passed on it. It is very charming actually. Something I can see myself giving to my daughter when she is older but hey .... just can't buy 2 bracelets today.
  10. Oh, Mrs...I had not seen that great bookmark before now, I like it! And the twilly looks beautiful on your gorgey gold Birkin!

    Congrats on the charm bracelet. I feel you'll enjoy it, very much. I didn't know they were hard to find as I purchased one about a year ago and am still thrilled with it. It feels substantial when you first put it on, doesn't it? Then....after a few minutes I forget that it is on my arm.

    Other owners of the larger charm bracelets say, in comparison, this one is lighter and easier to wear. I agree and feel you made a perfect choice and will enjoy it, very much. It makes a nice silver statement on the arm but does not overpower at all.

    Can you tell I feel you made an excellent choice with this bracelet? ( hey, with ALL 3 orange boxes too!)
  11. Oh my my I just adore the purse bracelet! DH and kids bought one for me a few years ago but this one takes the prize! Enjoy all your goodies...
  12. Love the bracelet!!! Would you mind measuring? Curious to know how long it is. TIA :flowers:
  13. LOOOVE the bracelet! Enjoy it!
  14. Nice haul there, MrsS! I would have never thought to put the orange twilly on that color bag, but it works, and wonderfully so!!
  15. Love all your goodies , I have that bracelet are there two sizes in that ? Mine is 8 yrs old and a couple of years ago i sent it back for a clean and it came back as new ....:smile: