I called my local Coach Store...

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  1. I asked about the Speedy look alike..and the SA who sounded pretty cute his name was Ramon (yummy) lol He told me you can order the bag NOW they have TONS for stock..I didn't order it...but I think I should... Anyone know the dimensions?...I forgot to ask :smile:

    P.S. I was told its called the signature stripe denim stachel...so can we stop calling it the speedy now? lmao
  2. I called the Copley store earlier to ask about the price of the larger denim tote #11180 because it's calling my name and the SA told me it was $358. I am going over there after work on Monday to see if it is true love. Or maybe at lunch!! :nuts:
  3. IMHO, I would wait until Monday. If you order today, most likely you wouldn't receive it before Monday anyway, and I need to see this in person first.
  4. I have met Ramon. He was my SA during the last PCE, let just say "yummy is in the eye of the beholder" LOL.... He is super nice. I know alot of the SA in International..... So are you going to order it?? I am curious to see what it looks like. I am not a fan of LV so hopefully it won't look too similar to them.
  5. Blah, too bad it's denim...I'm not too much of a fan.
  6. I said he sounded yummy... lol and i love the name ramon... so i wouldn't be surprised if he isn't yummy in person lmao...but he was super nice... he said its only 12x8 and that screams too small for me i like larger bags...so I think I'm gonna drive over there next week...i hate driving to tampa though Howard Franklin traffic is ALWAY bad...where in the area are u?
  7. im not a fan of the brown one... the denim has the cute little rings on the straps...I'm also trying to buy a bag that isn't black or chocolate
  8. the coach in tampa is at international not westshore right? also, off topic, but macys never moved to the new mall right, they're still at westshore?

  9. yes ma'am u are correct... luckily westshore and international are right down the street from each other!!!...are u orginally from tampa bay?
  10. no, my mom is from clearwater and my grandparents still live there. so I'm very familiar with the area and especially the malls! ha
  11. yes macys, is still at Westshore. International has coach.

    BTW, I am up in Spring Hill. Its a 40 minute drive for me :sad:

    I use to live in st. petersburg, then new port richey, then moved out of state (due to military) but I am back now.
  12. I second that, I like the speedy much better.