i called my boutique today

  1. i called my LV today to see the exact date that the Tivoli is being released- Nov 1st. and i also wanted to see if i needed to be put on the waiting list or if i could do a walk-in..... my SA told me that when they launch in Nov, there will be NONE AVAILABLE in the US:crybaby:for several months. so i got put on the waiting list right then and there. i am so upset.
  2. aww...too bad...but then again remember:anticipation makes the gift even more attractive! :graucho:
  3. I have a feeling they might get here sooner than that... but only time will tell! :whistle:
  4. Yah...you can't believe everything SAs say. Sometimes I think they want to make you feel that your bag is super exclusive to make you want it more and be happy to be spending so much money. :smile: You can always watch eluxury.com and louisvuitton.com. When Trevi came out it showed up on elux.
  5. I also posted this info on the LV reference thread....

    My SA told me that they got the Tivoli shipment today :yahoo:BUT they won't be able to sell them until Nov 1. She tried to ask the question but even before she could, the manager already told them, "And if you're thinking if you could sell the Tivoli today, the answer is NO...." (Boooo!!!)

    Price in Hawaii would be $840 so I'm guessing it will be $880 in the Mainland.

    My SA also promised to send me modelling pics tomorrow and she would ship my bag on Nov 1. :yahoo:
  6. Don't worry you may end up waiting for it but it's permanent bag they come back into stock
  7. That is so sad.
  8. Bummer!!
  9. :crybaby:I am sorry.
  10. You will get one, don't worry!! ;)
  11. i bet you if you told them you were willing to charge your CC then and there, one would "magically" appear. its one of those sneaky things LV does.

    even if they are sold out on launch, i'm going to guess shipments will be pretty quick since its a permanent collection item.
  12. I am SO with you all on the Tivoli.. can't wait for this BAG!!!