I called JAX about the Green Madeline and the 07 Scarf Print Umbrella

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  1. ................and sadly, the Green Madeline will NOT be going to outlets because she sold out :s... BOOOO!!!!!! not surprised tho...

    and there was not a 2007 scarf print umbrella.... *sigh* oh well, it was wishfull thinking...
  2. Aw, darn on both.
  3. Aw I'm sorry Droo. :sad:

    I wonder if you could find the Madeline at Macy's or Nordstrom? It does not look like they have them online in the green anymore, but Nordies livechat people are usually great about finding items for you and getting them shipped to you if any stores still have them. A few ladies were able to get some hard-to-find bags that way recently. :yes:

    Good luck!