I Called Cust Serv & Asked About Xl Ergo............

  1. I inquired about a different color of the xl ergo & they told me only natural is in production .

    I want this bag in brown or khaki ? she said natural is the only color & will not be made in any other color?

    does this sound right to you guys? I would hate to buy this bag in natural & then have it made in other colors later on! This is an expensive bag & we should have more options!

    cha cha
  2. I agree. Natural will look so dirty after a while! I would love it in a mahogany or black.
  3. I think the color is very nice and with go with everything but I really wish it was less $$!!! Is anyone going to splurge on it?? I'd have to see it and try it on to even consider it....it might be just wayyy to large.
  4. I personally don't believe everything Coach tells me because I inquired many times before buying the legacy satchel in white if it would be available in different choices other than the black, whiskey and white when the satchel originally came out and they told me time and again...those are the only colors - PERIOD. Well, obviously it came out in pond and now brown and khaki. I bought it in white and do love it but if khaki was available I would have considered that. So, my suggestion is to wait it out if you can and see in a few months what other colors may become available.

  5. exactly!

    i sometimes think that the coach rep's at the 800 number dont know much. Bless their hearts !

    I'll call them more than once with the same question. I'll ask 2 different rep's the same question & get different answers! huh ?

    i'm worried if i wait,i'll might miss out on this bag all together.

    any advice,please!
  6. isn't the xl sold out anyways?
  7. yeah but there their expecting another shipment soon .
  8. I don't think Coach SA's or service reps know what bags will be released in what colors. They can probably only tell you what is currently available. They have no way of knowing what Reed Krakoff may do in the future, with bag colors, for different seasons.

    I heard the bag wasn't sold out, just on back order.

    I still really want one, but don't think I'll be able to justify the money.
  9. really?! :nuts:
  10. this makes me pissy ! just like the freaken ali in the color pond !

    i kept getting different stories & i wanted to buy one for my sister in law.

    ((((((((((((((((((((i'm pissy)))))))))))))))))))))))))
  11. This is very true! We can look in the computer and it can tell us colors they considered or produced one of, but it's not known which they'll choose to produce. A good example is the Sig. Striped Tote, right before the holidays it said it was a known SKU in pear and another color. Well, they never produced the pear! It would have been amazing if they did.

    CHA CHA- Right now, Natural is the only color it will be produced in. There are no other known skus for XL :/

    KALLISON- You better call me to order that bag!!!
  12. gosh ,

    sprinkles thats for your info! so it just might be possible in the future of different colors ?

    i mean it obviously going to sell well , why not make the company more money !
  13. I think for things like that, they only make a limited quanity- y'know? The only thing that makes me thing they won't is because the reason it's limited- is because it's a tanned vachetta leather and the look is supposed to be natural.
  14. Dang, cha cha! Adopt me.... all I want is an Ergo tote for $328! LOL!
  15. Your killing me sprinkles !

    i think you made a sale,I need to call my coach store tomorrow.

    something about this bag drives me batty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!