I called 1800-Coach and Bleeker Lge Duffle No. 11423 is still priced at $314.

  1. Dear All:

    I just called Coach this morning and the Bleeker Duffle No. 11423
    is still priced at $314 even though the Website says $444. Call
    Coach and see if any of the bags you want like the Signature
    Gallery Tote is still as the sale price. The price may still
    be low until Dec. 29th. Get em while you can! Good luck! Liz
  2. even in the new colors? wow!
  3. Thanks, Liz!! Now's the time to order than if stores will give the 25% off on top of that!
  4. I am so sorry you guys. When I went to my store to pick up my
    Rose Bleeker Duffle my SA advised me that the prices has gone back
    up. I guess the Computer system updated later this morning. Sorry.
  5. Wow, I am glad I bought the Magenta one when I did and decided to keep it! I'm loving my Magenta duffle BTW!!! :yahoo:

  6. Hey, wait! I somehow missed the ROSE BLEECKER DUFFLE part!! Did you get one today? What about the color? Do you have pics! And did you see the geranium Madeline!? How does that color compare to the pics in the new catalog!! Dang, I wish I had a store closeby! LOL!
  7. Teena, I got the Rose Bleeker duffle and I don't care for the color. I will post pictures later today. I am going on an outing with my children right now. I saw the geranium Madeline and that is such a classy bag, so beautiful and ladylike. The color looks just as it looks in the Catalog.
  8. Thanks, Liz! I look forward to your pics. From what I saw of the rose on an eBay auction, I thought it was disappointing too. Not the vibrant red color I was hoping for! (I was hoping for a rich strawberry color really) And thank you for the report on the geranium. I'm struggling with wanting this bag!
  9. When I just clicked on your links, I got the gallery tote showing $230 but the duffle shows $448...that is even more weird!!! Maybe the stuff that didn't have new colors released is staying reduced (the small zip hobo is back to $174) but the bags with new colors went back up?!
  10. Now that is weird! I get $314. Here it is, I cut and pasted it just now:

    BLEECKER LEATHER LARGE DUFFLE Our iconic tattersall lining is such a great contrast to the rich leather exterior of this chic and roomy silhouette.
    Inside zip pocket
    Cellphone/multi-function pockets
    Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
    Belt Buckle hardware
    Zip-top closure
    Lightweight leather
    Tattersall print fabric lining
    28” adjustable strap
    14” drop
    15 (L) x 16 (H) x 6 1/2 (W)
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif]Brass/Magenta available online on 1/3
    Wine available online on 1/13
    Price: $314 Style No: 11423
  11. I'm getting 448 and I even tried refreshing to make sure it wasn't pulling up previously-viewed material
  12. ^^ I'm getting $448 now too! That was weird! I hope everyone who wanted the bags at lower prices got them. Looks like some of the prices aren't staying around!
  13. Wow. This is crazy.

    Still, I'm glad to see the Bleeker will return in Magenta.
  14. the old colors are still 314 in my store... maybe they forgot to put it back up?