***I call this a "In the nick of time" reveal***

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  1. #1 Apr 4, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2014
    Here is my story:

    I was 38 weeks pregnant and my due date was 4/2.
    But as some of you may know, full term is at 37 weeks and labor could safely begin at any time. I've been waiting patiently for this purchase and my new born since early this year. I pondered which gift was going to come first, because my due date and the release of this purchase were so close to each other. The birth of my son of course is my #1 priority. I felt obligated to go anywhere just in case "it's time", and this winter has just been horrendous in MN.

    After much anticipation, back ache, the whole pregnancy shebang; the weather finally turned (just for one day - 60 degrees from 10 anticipated to only decline again); being hopefully to stimulate labor and get some exercise, my 2 year old and I ventured out todo some mild shopping :biggrin:. Of course this would be the perfect opportunity to stop by my boutique :graucho:. Everyone was very pleased to see me but I'm sure thought I was crazy, I looked like a BALL. :lol:. I made my purchase and was wished well with a safe labor. My SA jokingly told me he doesn't want to see me until at least another month after I've been fully rested.

    Fast forward to later that evening 9:45pm my water breaks and 17 hours later my son was born.:yahoo:. Although it could have been the walking that helped jump start my labor, I'd like to think it was REALLY because my son wanted to gift me my LV purchase.

    BTW, my purchase was made on 3/30, my son was born 3/31, his due date wasn't suppose to be until 4/2. I titled this "in the nick of time" because we really wanted him to be born in March, but it was so late in the game we didn't think he'd make it.

    Without further ado, ta ta da daaa here is the lovely Favorite in PM with her "Roomie" the Mini Pochette!

    Thanks for reading!

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  2. Beautiful story, Congrats on the birth of your son and your new bag. :smile:
  3. Congratulations!
  4. Congratulations on your 2 new babies!!
  5. Congratulations on your baby boy and your new LV :yahoo: What a special memory to associate with your new Favorite PM! Enjoy!
  6. Congrats on both end! Beautiful piece and enjoy the moments with your son!
  7. double congrats! ur favorite looks gorgeous and i'm sure your baby boy as well :balloon:
    wondering though what's inside those small pouches?
  8. Awww, great story. Congrats on your March baby! :flowers:
  9. congrats on ur baby boy and ur new bag
  10. What an adorable story! Congratulations on your new baby, and your new Favorite!
  11. Lovely story, congrats on a healthy baby...........gorgeous Favorite, enjoy!!!
  12. +1!!!
  13. Wow congrats on the baby and the cute purchases! It was such a nice story you got and would be fun to tell!

    I am also in MN and at 35 weeks with my baby boy. My doctor said I may be having this baby sooner than due and may go on preterm labor but she said it will be fine.

    I can so relate with you! I have been contemplating about going to LV boutique in Galleria, Edina as I really want to gift myself with either an Artsy (altho I am thinking about having this for my bday instead) or Eva clutch for this pregnancy LOL

    Anyway, I may want to wait until I'm full term then as I may go on labor out of excitement if I get to purchase sooner. :smile:
  14. What a lovely story! I think your new little boy said to himself, "well I'm not going to let LV upstage me!" :lol:

    Congratulations on your beautiful little March boy and your pretty LV's. Take care. :cloud9:
  15. What a wonderful story - thanks for sharing! Congratulations on your LV and especially on your newborn!