I butchered my LE musette perfo :(

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  1. I am so distraught, I know that you guys can help me feel better so here is the vent. First let me
    Tell you that I didn't take pictures yet because I only have my phone and I didn't really want to focus on what I did too much :sad:.

    I own a monogram musette perfo in green that i adore!!! I got it as a graduation gift from my parents. I rarely used it because I was too afraid of damaging it. Last week I decided to ear it because the weather was great in new York and my outfit would match it perfectly. So there I was strolling
    Down the street when suddenly I feel something fall from my bag. I was shocked to realize that what had fell was the fake lock that keeps the flap closed. I picke it up from the groud and realized that tiny pieces were missing from the bag in order for the lock to be attached to the bag again. I took it to the store right away... Not only were they mean, but they told
    Me that since the bag was LE they did
    Not have parts for it any longer and that something like that would only happen if the bag had been abused! My
    Bag doesn't even have a patina! That's how often I've worn it :sad: so I went home desperately, and decided to glue the lock to the flap with crazy glue. It actually worked and held the lock in place. However, te flap would not stay shut any longer, so whenever I put the bag on my shoulder it would come undone. I then decided to buy heavy duty magnets and glue one
    Of them to the inside of the bag and the other on the inside of the flap. Needless to say the vachetta was ruined. Completely ruined. The magnets did
    Not stick and the leather turned black :-0 so I took a nice and started to scrape the black glue amidst tears :sad: in the process a good
    Amount of the vachetta was scraped creating irregularities. I then bought sand paper and started to smooth the leather. It looked better I was almost relieved.... And then the yellow stitching on the flap just snapped. Just like that. (from all the sanding I am sure). So then as a last resort I took my scissors (yes I know) and completely cut the flap!!! I just cut it.

    Now the result is a bag with nothing to close it. I am so sad. I ruined my bag. This probably makes no sense because I typed so fast... Sorry.
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    Felipe, it sounds like you just freaked out on your poor bag and that darn SA triggered the ordeal. I am so sorry about the outcome.

    Which part fell off initially? I have attached a picture--which colored arrow shows the part that fell off?

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  3. OUCH !! That must really suck. Hugs to you :sad:
  4. OH NO! I am so sorry this has happened to you. I know how mean LV-SAs can be ( I had a horrible experience when I had a tear in my lock it, fortunately the store-manager just exchanged my bag as it wasn't my fault and I still had the 24months EU-warranty on it).

    But still you have a beautiful bag that looks great as the green is a true eye-catcher!:flowers:
  5. Thanks for the sympathy guys :smile: I took a few pics of what the bag looks like now... please be honest and let me know what you think. I think it looks ok, I just wish I didn't know what I did :sad:

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  6. I think it still looks great. But sorry about your experience. :sad:
  7. So how is the lock attached? The story has me confused.
  8. i attached the lock with crazy glue, but since there were some parts missing in the hole I glued the lock into, the lock wasn't holding the flap down, it kept opening. I'm sorry it's hard to explain, hope this helped!
  9. bag looks fine...lol, after all you did to it, you'd expect to be able to see the damage...at least it's still very much wearable :smile:
  10. OP, your bag is fake. :sad: We do not allow reveals or discussions of fakes. Closed.
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