I brought my Cloud bag home, but I found....**w/pic

  1. Today I went to the store to pick up my cloud bag!! Bad news is I just discovered the leather on one of the front strip is actually damaged.:crybaby:It is so noticeable. *Sigh* I'm so upset right now. I need to go to store tomorrow and tell my SA about it, hopefully there is one available for me to exchange.

    **the damaged leather picture is the last one.**
    cloud1.JPG cloud2.JPG damage1.JPG
  2. Congrats! Now I think this line is so cute. (the leather isn't supposed to be like that? sorry, I can't really see the damage)
  3. I don't see anything wrong with the bag except for a slight scuff; Congratulations though!
  4. sorry but what am i looking for? maybe a red circle around it would help? sorry to hear it was damaged.
  5. Such a cute bag! What's wrong with the leather?
  6. I think I see it. A tiny scuff on the horizontal piece?
  7. It's so lovely CONGRATS! But I don't really see the damage either? :confused1:
  8. Yes, the tiny scuff on the horizontal piece.
  9. It looks GREAT!!!!! Congrats on the new cute bag.
  10. can't see the damage either. hopefully you get to exchange it for another one that is to your liking.
  11. looks great!
  12. Oh No! That doesn't look good. So sorry!
    Hopefully they have another for you to exchange.
  13. Sorry about the scratch on this beauty!
  14. Congrats:nuts: :drool: - I love this bag and am desperately hoping to get one.
    Sorry to hear about the scuff mark - if it will bother you - definately try to exchange it.
  15. Looks nice! Congrats!