I brought home my baby all the way from Paris!!!

  1. So my husband and I went to Paris for a short vacay.... I had no intentions of bringing home this beautiful baby. The moment the SA opened the dust bag, I fell in love with it and told myself I'm not going home without it.... Enjoy!

  2. Here it is!
  3. I can't upload photos.... :pout:

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  4. Ok here, it is!!!
    IMG_2723 22.jpg
  5. There is my baby....:p
    IMG_2724 12.jpg
  6. :smile:
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    IMG_2725 11.jpg
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    IMG_2726 33.jpg
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    IMG_2728 55.jpg
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    IMG_2729 66.jpg
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    IMG_2732 qq.jpg
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    IMG_2735 xx.jpg
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    IMG_2736 yy.jpg