I brought a fake but do I leave negative feedback??

  1. I knew it was too good to be true a brand new Fendi B patent trim bag for £288?! It looked so real even the staff in Fendi Sloane Street had to really examin my bag and the one they had in store before they prounounced it fake! Anyway I got onto the seller and she agreed to give me a total refund but now I don't know if I should leave her negative feedback! She's agreed to the full refund and apologised profusely so it seems mean to leave negative but if I don't leave other people a warning she might keep selling fake bags that are so good unless you live near enough to the designer to go in and get them authenticated you would never know they were fake! I don't want to encourage the sale of more fakes on eBay but do I jeopardise my 100% positive feedback if she retaliates and is it out of order as she is being reasonable?? Help please!
  2. OMG so sorry. Still £288 is alot of money and you could have got a nice designer bag for that from a different designer. If you dont mind me asking, has she left you feedback ?. If she hasnt, this is a tactic that she uses so that you will recieve negative feedback if you leave it her. If she has left you feedback then I would go ahead and leave negative feedback...just to warn people about the seller. God Knows how many more fakes she has....her house could have a room full :wtf:.
  3. Hi! no she hasn't left me feedback yet that's why I'm worried she will retaliate if I leave her negative, she was selling a lot of bags a few weeks ago including Mulberrry Emmys and more Fendi but she has 100% positive feedback all with really good comments about her as a seller that's why I'm so surprised!
  4. If the people at the Fendi store had difficulty in determining that it is not a Fendi product, it is very possible that the seller believed that it was authentic, so I would give her the benefit of the doubt, and not even think about the issue of feedback until she has returned your money.

    Then you could leave feedback that says something like good communication, and very pointedly does not mention the item at all.

    If you are worried that she is deliberately selling fraudulently labelled bags, you could send eBay a note about the incident.
  5. i think that you should... just to warm other buyers in the future you know?... I as a buyer always check feedbacks to see if ANY fakes were sold. I dunno that's just my opinion BUT shimmaPuff does make a point, she might've not known it was fake!!...
  6. What you should do is leave them a positive but say something like

    "Unsure of bags authenticity however seller refunded money so happy"

    This should avoid the seller giving you a negative feedback but will warn other buyers also.
  7. what jimbob said. I read those carefully, so you will accomplish your purpose.
  8. I have said something like "Seller resolved my issue and refunded my money promptly." I've then had other prospective buyers email me and ask me what the issue was. I then tell them that I received a fake and my money was refunded. That way I can warn others kind of "off the record."
  9. jim and lori you guys are good! I am going to save those to a text file in case I ever find myself in need of some tactful wording!

    Thanks! :smile:
  10. Actually often I see buyers leaving positive feedback but giving a not so glowing comment, and a seller would retaliate with negative.
  11. Another idea, leave a neutral.. Doesn't affect the sellers percentage, but let others know you're not happy. If she's giving you a 100% refund, she's doing the right thing and I agree with the others, she probably had no idea it was fake.

    If you are 100% happy with the outcome, I'd do what Jimbob suggested. ;)

  12. Thanks guys! I think as long as she refunds my money it seems unfair to give her negative feedback, she did seem genuinely shocked when I messaged her to tell her it was a fake, but then again she could just be a good actress! I think I will do what jimbob and lori suggested that way I'm warning buyers but not being too unreasonable, I'd feel really bad if it was the other way around and I'd accidentally sold someone a fake, I'd feel terrible and as shimmapuff said even the staff in Fendi had a problem authenticating it (just wanted to mention to anyone that hasn't been in Fendi Sloane Street, it was my first time yesterday and it is AMAZING!!) so I think I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but if I see her relist it as real I will definately report her to eBay!
  13. How could she not know it was a fake. She bought it somewhere and Fendi's aren't sold wholesale. I would leave a neutral if your not comfortable with negatives. Put on there that it was a fake so other buyers are made aware.
  14. We don't know that she bought it wholesale. She could have received it as a gift, or someone could have sold it to her, fraudulently representing it as a Fendi product. While I would heartily recommend that people who purchase such high-priced items do as Natasha did and get their purchase authenticated, most people do not.

    Even here, with so many people having such a high level of knowledge of different bags, I have seen individuals assert that they can "spot" fake bags, and "outside of here," I think you would find that the percentage of people who go to the trouble to actually take the item to an entity that is formally qualified to make such a determination is very small!
  15. I think the neutral would be best. If the seller leaves you a negative, you can respond to it.