I broke my purse ban for this!

  1. my rouge vif city arrived yesterday! i was pleasantly surprised by rouge vif...not as bright as i thought it would be. i compared her to my rouge theatre, which obviously is a deeper red with more blue tones. the best way i can describe the 2 reds is vif is a ripe strawberry red whereas theatre is an over ripe strawberry red. from what i've seen IRL, rouge verm and tomato definitely have the slightest orange tone and so much brighter than vif. i can't wait to try her out with different outfits. i love my rouge theatre, but rouge vif is a beautiful red as well. :tup:

    i can't quite capture rouge vif accurately, but this is as close as i can get.

    rouge vif in daylight:

    rouge vif in daylight:

    rouge vif in daylight:

    rouge vif in daylight w/ flash:

    rouge vif & rouge theatre in daylight w/ flash:
  2. Wow!! Congrats!!
  3. Oh, you got an extra pretty Rouge Vif there...lucky girl!
  4. LOVE your new Rouge Vif!!:love: Congrats on your new beauty, Odd! Definitely worth breaking your ban for!:heart::yahoo:
  5. very pretty! congrats! it was worth breaking your ban for!
  6. [​IMG]

    Wow, your Rouge VIF looks deeper than most I've seen. It's GORGEOUS!!! If you see, mine looks quite a bit brighter than RT. Yours just looks suuuuuuuper saturated. Luscious!!! Congrats, definitely worth breaking ban over this one. :yes:
  7. fabulous reds.. congrats!
  8. gorgeous! what a FAB red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. odd, your new city is beautiful!!!:yes:

    Is the color close enough that you think one could substitute one for the other?
  10. Truly breathtaking! A fine shade of red! Seeing your pics is making me ache for my RV Purse, which should be on its way soon! Congrats!
  11. Wow...no wonder you broke your ban!!!!!!

    She's magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!! She's a lot darker than I thought, and this is the best RVif pic(for me. :heart: dark red) I've ever seen!

    Hum. Maybe I should consider getting one myself....
  12. :heart: ur rv city! Congrats!!!
  13. w o w​

    i love your rv city!!!! i miss my rv day everyday, so don't let this baby go! congrats :tup:
  14. wow! so gorgeous and smoking hot. congrats! enjoy her!
  15. smooooooooooooking. i LOVE this red!