I broke my promise...

  1. I said I was going to be on a ban...but I bid on something yesterday and I won it. I paid for it already, though...I don't know if I should've or not. Addictedtolv (whom I greatly appreciate her feedback) said I should have had a better picture of the heat stamp to be sure. But it was already too late...I should've asked before I bid. I learned my lesson, totally, and I know for sure I won't be buying bags for a very long time.

    Anyway, here is a link of what I won. Hopefully, it's authentic. It just seemed like such a lovely vintage, and I've been in touch with the seller, who told me to feel free to get it authenticated or I get my money back (still cautious):

    eBay: Authentic Louis Vuitton LV Papillon 30 w pouchette, NR (item 280034268890 end time Oct-09-06 18:30:00 PDT)

  2. Nice vintage..I guess the bag is from 80's..congrats..banning never woked on me..
  3. Thanks, I thought it looked rather nice myself. And the datecode seemed to be pretty authentic, as well as the monogram alignment and the patina.

    Purse ban is definitely on for me right now.:yes:
  4. I love that bag, its such a classic style :smile: congrats
  5. Post a pic of the heat stamp when she arrives. :yes:
  6. Once again, thank you for your feedback; I'll definitely post the pic here when she arrives! I guess I was really anxious because I thought it was a really great deal (since the bag with the pochette is going for ~$300 and up), and it was a vintage. I've looked at her feedback; even some LV resellers (who have bought from her) have commented positively, but you can never be sure, right?

    Socialite - Thanks for the comment!
  7. Great price!...I think it looks legit :yes:
  8. nice! i hate bag bags (though i'm in one)...good luck in ur GREs! i hated them!
  9. Man, I should stop being envious about other people's LVs, LOL, which is what kinda instigated me to buy. It looks beautiful and big, but not toooooo biiiggg which is what I like.
  10. that $$$ was right heck accessories cost more so the price was too good to turn down....love that bag congrats...get back on the ban wagon girlfriend...I am on it too!!!
  11. Haha, LVpug, I think it's so funny how we're responding to each other's posts...I wrote almost the exact same thing on your post!
  12. At least you now have a little something to tide you over till the end of your ban!

    Good luck on the GREs, by the way, I took mine in August. You'll do awesome!