~I broke my pinky toe last night~

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  1. Last night I was giving my daughters a bath. When I was done I took them out, wrapped their towels around them & told them to wait. I needed to brush their hair & I realized the brush wasn't in the bathroom so I walked to my bedroom to get it. When I walked back to the bathroom I stubbed my toe. Well I thought I did... When I looked down my pinky toe was pointing in the opposite direction! The bone snapped in half! I thought I heard the wood snap but it was actually my bone. I was hysterical crying. I couldn't bare to look at my toe. My husband rushed home & he took me to the ER. They couldn't do anything for me. All they did was take an X-Ray to confirm it was broke. They told me to go to a podiatrist. I went today & my doc said it was a very bad brake. He said he re-broke it and snapped it back into place, so now it's straight again. Thank the Lord!
  2. OUCH! So sorry to hear about your accident! Hope you are feeling better, and the bone heals well. Best wishes!
  3. So sorry that you broke your toe; it must have been so painful!! I badly bruised mine a few days ago and it still hurts... Hope you feel better soon!
  4. OUUUUUUUCH :crybaby:

    huney im so sorrrrrrrry for what happened ...get well soon ...

    *kisses and hugz*
  5. :wtf: I hope you feel better. :flowers:
  6. ouch i can't even stand the times i stubbed my toes into something. i can imagine the pain since you broke it!!! hope everything is ok and your pinky toe is back to its normal self.:yes:
  7. Thanks everyone. The sympathy helps. It feels so much better since my doc snapped it back into place.
  8. Oowwwwwwwww......I am cringing just thinking about it!!!! So sorry about that...I broke two of my toes in high school, and it is so...painful!
  9. Poor dear! I fractured my third toe (on my left foot) in two places once when I walked into a rocking chair rocker. (It hurt like a bastard!)

    (And it healed slightly crooked.)

    Watch out for the bruising! (Maybe wear socks.) The doctor will probably give you a snappy shoe to wear while you heal.

    Stay off your foot for awhile!
  10. I'm sorry to hear that you broke you toe. That always hurts like a bit*ch!!!!!

    I feel for you, I had my big toe crushed at a concert once. I walked weird for like three weeks!!!! In my case the doctors just had me wrap it to the second toe. Mine was a small enough brake that they said it would heal on it's own. It did, but it hurt like hell for a while!!!!

    I hope your recovery goes well. :yes:
  11. Ouch, that sounds almost as painful as the break!

    Hope you're feeling better.
  12. Yikes! Get some rest and I hope it heals fast!
  13. Hope you heal super quickly! One of my husband's metal clamps that he uses for woodworking fell from where it was stored and landed square on the toe next to my big toe on my left foot. The bone was "shattered" but not broken, thanks to my fuzzy slippers that provided some kind of padding. I had to have my foot wrapped for two months and had to wear that horrid shoe boot in the dead of winter. It still bothers me when the weather is changing and if there is a change in the air pressure (like when on an airplane).
  14. :wtf:

    Glad you're feeling much better now. Get well soon!!
  15. super ouch!!! hope it heals quickly. the podiatrist had to rebreak it to set it in place? you brave soul. the pain must be unbearable. hopefully they gave you the good stuff.wish you a speedy recovery!