I broke my glasses today...

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  1. :cry: :lol:

    I should be happy...It's an excuse to shop for something, right? :amuse: I never knew how attached to them I was until they were broken. Please don't ask how I did it...It's just too shameful. I was soooo dumb.:lol:
  2. Oh no! Are you getting new ones?
  3. Heck yeah, I'm getting new ones!:lol:

    It's still sad, though...I loved those glasses. *SIGH* Oh, well...

    Somebody post some great-looking (understated) frames; I need to get into the spirit of this.
  4. I need one too. I'm tired of wearing contact lenses 24/7.
  5. Aww shiznit!! I sit on my glasses all the time...

    At least now you can buy an awesome new pair. How about some Chanels?!
  6. aww sorry to hear! but getting new glasses can be fun!
  7. Buttery, if you were in Cali I'd recommend my optomitrist (sp?). He is flaming hot. He used to play football for my college! Somebody needs to marry this guy pronto.
  8. I'm already married. :idea: But for the sake of entertainment, post his picture.

    J/K (Unless you really have a picture.:lol: )
  9. I just bought a pair of Donna Karan eyeglasses that are feather light and are very understated. I got them at Lens Crafters. Chanel also has very pretty eyeglasses but they are a bit more adorned.
  10. Aaawww, I'm really sorry!!! [​IMG]

    I recently got a new pair of glasses. They are by Gucci.. thick frame.. they make me look like a geek hehe.. but I love them. Took me more than a month to find them. Good luck finding new glasses Buttery!! Hope you find the ones you love!
  11. I love new glasses! I wear them all the time and so I feel entitled . . .
    Right now I have black soft-rectanglular frames from Oliver Peoples. They are such a big change from my former metal frames but I really love them. Funny, my husband never really liked them but my son -- he "got" them right away.

    New glasses are fun!!! Enjoy picking out a new pair -- or two.
  12. Buttery, did you step on your glasses?:amuse: I did that once to my friend (by accident). :shame: Good luck finding new ones.
  13. I'll have to look at those when I go to Lens Crafters; I prefer understated glasses. Mine were by Vogue. They were so lightweight and simple.
  14. Nope...it was worse. I was sooooo dumb. What was I thinking?:shame:

    I only have to wear mine for driving, so if I have to get out of the car, I usually put them back into the case in my purse or put them in the compartment between the front seats of my car. Well, today, right before going into the post office and grabbing my toddler, I put them in my jean jacket pocket, which was tied around my waist. :wacko: :lol: As I slid back into the car, my hip hit the steering wheel and I heard a crunch. (I felt like that little boy in A Christmas Story and said "Oh noooo...." :cry: :lol: ) The drive back home was a blur. The drive to the hair salon tomorrow morning will be a blur. :biggrin:
  15. That's too bad! I've done that before. I love shopping for glasses, though.