I broke my chanels

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  1. I'm new to the forum but I thought you sounded informed enough to assist me with my dilemma. I have a pair of 5072 sunnies that I absolutely adore but dropped and put a pretty deep gauge in. I tried every single eyeglass repair shop and they said they couldn't repair/replace the lens and also went to the optician that sold them to see if they could get a lens from chanel and chanel said they didn't have. Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm willing to spend money but I just won't love a new pair like my old ones.

    PS. How is it that counterfit-ers can craft a lens that looks the same but optical places can't??
  2. Chanel would need to repair them for you:yes: I'm surprised your optician couldn't help you w/ that :s
  3. She said she called chanel and they said they can't do anything because they're older and no longer in production. :crybaby:
  4. that's weird! I have a sunglass store that I've bought over 10 pairs of. Ganel sunnies from.. They r able to replace lens anytime I scratch them!
  5. The opticians that I tried said the lens was too big (it's one lens) and too curved to replace. I assumed it would be as easy as putting a prescription lens into a frame! It really should be...
  6. Perhaps you can go to another optician? One who does the glasses on site? Then they can tell you for sure... I know that my mom has prescription lenses and some places she has gone too are hesitant to do them for her becasuse they don't want to take the liability of ruining her $400 sunglasses. Definitely ask around, I have a suspicion they just don't want to go through the trouble, KWIM?
  7. For some reason, this made me LOL!

    "I thought you sounded informed enough to assist me with my dilemma."

    Welcome :smile:
  8. call luxxotica group. last year i sent my prada sunglasses there and they replaced the lenses and the arms. they were basically new when i got them and it wasn't that expensive at all. they do all sunglasses.
  9. bring to chanel boutique and ask them .. i took my dior one and they replace everything for me
  10. I agree with cookie monster... Luxxotica is the manufacturer for Chanel glasses and about 2 years ago, a crystal fell off the side CC logo of my glasses and Chanel had me call them. I just mailed it in with a copy of my receipt and they repaired it as good as new.