I broke my bracelet

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  1. After using loctite on my 10 diamond YG love, I could only get one of the screws to unscrew. Thinking I could wiggle the bracelet to make the other one loosen, I ended up bending the hinge. It's en route to Cartier in NY for an estimate. Has anyone done this, and what do you suppose it will cost me? Also, it's insured - so I could claim the repair if it's some large four digit number, but I would hate to do that if it's a few hundred bucks.

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  2. Omg so sorry this happened to you! Which Loctite strength did you use? And did you use the gold screw that came with the bracelet or a real screwdriver? I use Loctite on mine too but I’ve never actually tried to take them off.

    Sorry that I can’t be more helpful as to estimates. So glad that you have it insured though.

    Do you happen to live near a Cartier boutique? For future reference (though I really hope you’ll never ever have to deal with this again) I feel like if you were unable to take it off yourself it might have been better to go to them directly to do the removal. And if they end up damaging your bracelet it would be covered by them directly.

    Please keep us updated on this! Luckily gold is pretty malleable so hopefully they won’t charge too much for the repair!
  3. Yes! Please keep us update!

    So sorry to here about this. But thank goodness it is insured!
  4. I talked to the boutique today - I won't have the estimate from NY for about two weeks, but they told me that in all likelihood, it's going to be a few hundred dollars, not any thousand. It will require some bench work which also will require a light polishing of the bracelet. I'm not thrilled about that as I was enjoying watching it patina, but it is what it is! At least now the screws should work better ...
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  5. I’m glad that your bracelet can be repaired. The only strength of Loctite that should be used on jewelry is the purple 222 strength. That one is made for small jewelry screws and leaves the screws removable. When I didn’t know any better, I put the blue strength on mine once and had a really hard time getting the screws to move a few days later, but fortunately, my bracelet survived my mistake.
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  6. I did use the correct loctite, but apparently a little too much.

  7. Another possibility: With Loctite, you have to use a larger screwdriver to remove the screws. You just can't get enough torque with the Cartier screwdriver. I needed to have the SA at our boutique remove my Love for a repair. All they had was the small driver. No go with Loctite. The SA tried with all her strength and couldn't get the screws to budge. I went home to use my larger driver; no problem at all, the screws came right out. As far as the amount to use, I dip the end of a toothpick and just slightly 'wet' the threads. In any event, sorry to hear of your problems and hope you get it back good as new! The Cartier workshop does amazing repair work.

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  8. So sorry this happened, hopefully it is repaired and good as new sooner than later.
  9. Okay, here's the follow up:

    Cartier is going to replace the screws for free, but charge me $171 to repair the fork. While I wish they would have done the whole thing gratis, this isn't disagreeable given what it could have cost. They will, however, have to polish it, because this requires bench work. I've asked them to do the lightest possible polishing so that it will retain whatever patina it has gotten over the last nearly year since I bought it, and won't be far off of my 4 diamond that I got at the same time. We'll see how they do - I may need to scuff it up on the beach a little bit! Should have it safely at home in about two weeks.
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  10. I’m glad it will get fixed! Show us pics when you get it back! I hope the patina will still be intact.
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  11. Came out nicely. Unfortunately they did polish. It's an interesting contrast with the patina or the 4 diamond. The mansion had a different record of what price I was quoted but it was ultimately sorted out. They honored it but FYI this is usually more like $300.

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  12. I had the exact same thing happen!!! One screw just WOULD NOT BUDGE and this was with the lowest strength loctite and a large screwdriver. Tried to slide it off with the little give only one screw undone gave me but it bent. I'm headed to Cartier tomorrow to send it off for repairs. I had $500 in my head so even $300 is better than what I estimated. Fingers crossed. I'm not sure I'll use loctite again. I do have it insured so I might just take comfort in knowing it's covered and just check my screws regularly. I don't take it off often but the idea that it is stuck on gives me of anxiety. LOL
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  13. They estimated $500 for mine. Kinda what I was expecting. She said it may come back less but that's her guess. She did strongly advise against loctite. She said to have someone else tighten the screws daily for a month to set them.
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  14. Oh no!! My husband had trouble opening one of the screws out of 6, and I read in one of the other threads that you could try heating the glue again to have it “melt” by blow drying the screw with some heat (careful you might want to put a thin cloth in between the bracelet and your wrist to protect your skin) and/or to use a screwdriver with more torque wrapped in tape at the ends (this is to protect the screw and make a tighter fit). Hubby used more torque and it finally popped.

    The trick is to use *just a LITTLE* of the lowest strength glue and no need to slather the screw all the way around. Just enough to create a sort of rubbery cushion after it dries so the screws don’t vibrate and come loose.

    Before Loctite I went with the tightening every so often but one time it became so loose it almost popped off my wrist and I was so mortified I would lose it one day.

    Some Cartier stores in Asia actually use Loctite when you complain about screws coming loose too often when you stack.

    Random TMI: I do an at-home annual deep cleaning of my bracelets (because doing the Loctite glue is a process and we don’t like doing it often) and it’s so gross and satisfying to see all the gunk come out when you leave it submerged in warm water + Cartier jewelry cleaner. I know some people never wash it for years and I can’t imagine how much gunk gets trapped in the screws! Lol
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