I broke my ban!

  1. I have very low willpower :cry: I broke my ban and bought tokidoki stuff. but I have a very very good excuse!

    Macy's had a presale thingi so I got pirata stellina :yes:
    ... it looks like this...
    0708071745.jpg 0708071746.jpg

    Then I got a yellow mozzarella size XL (a lil big but nothing a little shrinking won't fix :tup:) for $24.99 + tax and two baby onesies for $9.95 each + tax at metropark!
  2. Great stellina placement! That's so difficult to find IMO. I hate it when the print repeats on the front or you don't get anything interesting on the pockets. :smile: Definitely worth breaking ban.. I hope you got a good deal on that as well~
  3. yeah... I have to wait until the 18th to pick it up but it'll be around in time for SDCC which I will use it at since I wanted a slightly larger bag than my bambinone for the convention...

    the bag is originally $130 w/ 25% off making it the same as the outlets $97.50 but since I used my macy's card it had an additional 15% off so it ended up being $89.29 after tax :yahoo:
  4. OOooooo! Pretty stellina, congrats! I agree, it's worth breaking your ban hehe

    Onesies for under $10?? That's a really good deal!
  5. Ooooooh, mermaid!! :wlae:
  6. Do you think it's all Macy's that's doing the sale?? :confused1: Or is it only select stores?
  7. Wow I really need to start taking advantage of Macy's sales! Great deal for a beautiful stellina!
  8. I asked the SA at carlsbad (I went there first) and she said all macys should be doing it... but in the past we've also known that west macys sometimes have diff sales than elsewhere... I went to mission viejo (that's where i got my stellina) and they had the sale also... the spectrum in irvine had no signs up but I didn't ask an SA if they were doing presales

    and yeah I was surprised about the onesies... I think that's where the LJ member got theirs since they were selling a bunch of the sandy/samba onesies last week... the onesies are for my teddies :lol:
  9. omg tehlilone you make me want a pirata stellina again!! :lol: ...must resist! lol
  10. hey u live near me xD *irvine*
  11. oh my, an awesome deal!! this makes me hate the fact that no macy's in houston sells toki!

    that's great that you got it b/c i didn't see stellina on any of the outlet stock lists :p
  12. where do u live?
  13. I think that is PERFECT placement for a stellina. Congrats!!!
  14. A real beauty! You got the sharks and the cat on the island smack right in the middle! Exceptionally great placement. Congrats!
  15. ahh jenn! lol.. i broke my ban too! i came home early this evening (we were out of town for a week) and awaited me were two pirata bags (ciao/gioco) and two famiglias (ciao/denaro)!

    Cute Stellina and at a great deal! =)