I broke my Ban for a carly!!!!

  1. Wow!
  2. wow great deal!!
  3. Great deal! Congrats!
  4. wow!!! that is an AMAZING deal!!!! and so pretty!!!

    Congrats!! Please post pics when she's here!:yahoo:
  5. congrats, great price! :tup:
  6. DEFINITELY worth it, what an amazing deal!
  7. Fantastic...worth breaking your ban!!!
  8. WOW!!!!!! What a deal!! :nuts:

    Post lots of pics when you get her!
  9. I will, my boss did not stop this one :biggrin:
  10. Awesome! I got the tan one of these from the outlet and paid a lot more! Love the blue!!! Congrats!!!!
  11. Wow! I can see why you broke your ban! What a great deal!
  12. I agree. Not too shabby. ;)
  13. very pretty! congrats!!
  14. Completly understandable.