I broke my ban...but it was so worth it!

  1. After this weekend when I bought two bags on ebay (MC Trouville and Cerises Speedy) I put myself on a ban. Of course, once you do Murphy's Law dictates that your dream bag will come up on let-trade. Soooooo, I caved and bought the Cherry Blossom Retro. It is in such good shape I couldn't pass it up.

    Now I am on a serious ban! I've bought 6 LV's plus assessories in the past few months and I really need to stop. A girl at work told me today that I need a patch to treat my addiction...lol!
  2. It's beautiful and definately worth breaking a ban for!! Congrats!!
  3. OMG Blue...you bought it! I was staring at it earlier. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I know...it's beautiful and it's like new! Three times today I started to pay for it via paypal and had to close my browser and walk away. But the addiction won out. I can't wait to get her in the mail!
  5. Very nice! : )
  6. Ooooh.. if the patch was produced by Louis Vuitton, I'd consider. :graucho:

    Congrats !
  7. Lol! Me too! Especially if it had cute little cherries all over it.
  8. Lol! I keep looking at it...wow girl...you got a deal for that condition!
  9. Congrats..it's gorgeous..you can start banning again now..
  10. Congrats.

  11. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Do they make an LV patch??? Love your new retro bag, it's soooo yummy!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to you!! :yes: :drool:
  12. I know! There is one on ebay for $1700 in the same condition and I paid $1250. I am going to pamper her and make sure she stays super clean!
  13. :nuts: Congrats!!! Totally worth it.:graucho:
  14. I am so proud of you! now get back on that ban!
  15. wow, congrats on your dream bag! wear it in good health. :smile: