I broke him . . .

  1. I convinced my husband that this year, we should really celebrate Valentine's Day instead of doing nothing like we do every other year! Here's my rationale - it's our 10 year anniversary later this year, and we actually can afford to celebrate this year, as opposed to our 5 year anniversary where dh had been laid off and I had just had a baby!

    Well, I explained the rationale to dh and he actually understood where I was coming from! And last night, he made a comment about how he would be able to "get me something" when we're out next weekend "celebrating".

    As you can imagine, this means gifts are to be had - I'm thinking pond legacy shoulder bag! So far, he's hooked on a new pair of Kenneth Cole shoes (thank God I sparked a shoe obsession in this man!), and the possibility of a PS3 (though if he gets that, it may mean no more anniversaries b/c I never see him again!).

    So, anyone else turning this "Hallmark" holiday into a real celebration? Yeah, I know it's cheesy (heck, in high school and college, I used to wear black on Valentine's Day in protest), but I'm actually very excited for next weekend!
  2. Cute thread starter Willowsmom! Congrats on 10 years. A pond shoulder is a great idea!

    My theme this year is "Go Big" My birthday is 5 days before valentines and my thought is to suggest a gift (bag) to him that encompasses both therefore saving him a few dollars in the process.

    I feel you on the PS3, my dh has xbox 360 but is interested in scoring a PS3.

  3. You give all women hope!:yahoo: I agree, gifts are to be had. Enjoy your gift and your time with your husband.
  4. The PS3 won't be all that bad....my boyfriend has a PS3 and an XBox 360. Both do an excellent job of distracting him when I'm sneaking new purchases into the house ;) .
  5. ^ Awww, how cute!! I agree with Betty Boop, this gives me hope!!!

    My DH is pays no attention to holidays and its like pulling teeth for him to take part in any holiday, not just V-day!! I come from a household were you wear red for V-day, green on St. Patty's day,... etc - you get the idea...

    OHHHH, I am hoping he will start to appreciate these little days of celebration as time goes on... This Valentines Day we will be in seperate states... :sad: he's going to be out on business that week & I am going to my mom's in IL...

    Enjoy your celebration!! I hope you get some "pond"!!;)
  6. LOL... SR was writing this as I was writing.. how funny... and true. I should look into this. :roflmfao:
  7. bags4bubbles - my dh has been much the same. There was no subtlety in this on my part as I've tried the whole subtle hints thing and got nowhere. Like handbag helen put it, I decided this year we should go big!

    SR - LOL! I will keep that in mind.

    Thanks everyone - I'll keep you posted!