I broke down and got the brentwood framboise...but need advice, please

  1. OK, as some of you may remember I bought and returned the Reade PM in Framboise...I tried the houston and brentwood...but decided againt them...well visions of me in all black with my black MC platform mules and the framboise won out and I bought it today...zipped in and out of Stanford in record time...

    On the way home, I remembered the green trim on the shoes :noggin: . Now I know green and pink is suppose be a classic color combo...but I don't think this works!!:crybaby: What do you think??

  2. i personally dont like it but it would look fine with u wear it with the right outfit i think..

    congrats anyway :heart:
  3. i don't like the green. it's too pale and fluorescent at the same time :blah:
  4. I tend to agree..wouldn't work for me..but with the right outfit..may look smashing!:yes:

    Those colors remind me of older style EMILIO PUCCI colors...which I do like:love:
  5. It is a bit much but your brentwood is stunning!
  6. it looks a bit weird..the green trim :wacko: but then it's probably cuz i don't like green..fluorescent green? nah :throwup:
  7. Not working for me either,but the brentwood is a beauty !
  8. Thanks everyone...I knew the answer...but was hoping I was wrong... now I have another question...no pic because I loaned them to my friend I also have the fuscia charm mules...still too much?

    The rest of the outfit, all black, slacks and wrap tank.

    Should I just stick to black shoes?
  9. Ok, I must be the freak one, but I think mc mules and brentwood look nice together, so fresh :upsidedown:
  10. BTW, the shoes are ok, just not with the pink....I had to use the flash to get the pink in the brentwood...the shoes are not quite that neon...lol....
  11. Yep, that is nice green color. Not bad at all :drool:
  12. Umm. I hate to say it but I don't like the shoes and bag together, even if you wore all black. It's just a bit of overkill IMO. :Push: Sorry!

    Each piece is GORGEOUS though! Congrats!
  13. Not a fan- sorry :sad: If the shoes had vachetta trim instead it would be a hot combo though!
  14. I think it would look good with the fuschia charm mules...and I :heart: your bag!!! :flowers:
  15. Congrats on the new bag! Stunning esp with all black.
    To look on the bright side, both your shoes and your bag are beautiful, but they each demnad center stage when worn, I would let them shine individually, and not make them compete by wearing them together.:flowers: