I broke down and got my Timeless Clutch!

  1. All the price increase talk was stessing me out so I took the plunge!

    This is my first, and very likely, only Chanel!
  2. Oh, great! Wonderful bag...what color and type of leather did you get????

  3. :tup::yahoo:
  4. congrats.

    good thing you did bec. after Nov. 1st - the Caviar will increase to $1150 and the lambskin to $1250
  5. Congrats. Great bag.
  6. Nice! :tup: Congrats! Please post pics!!! what color? and lambskin or caviar??
  7. congrats!
  8. Yay!!!
  9. I love this bag, if only I could carry a clutch. Can't wait to see which one you got :drool:
  10. oooh what one dya get, what one dya get :biggrin: ;)
  11. congrats!!! I love mine, even though I thought it was fussy being a handheld.
  12. Congrats to you! Which one, what color? So nice to know I'm not the only one too. Actually i could have written this post myself, I did the exact same thing this AM. I ordered the Black Caviar from Jason at Bellagio (who was awesome BTW) , it should arrive Thursday :yahoo:Like you, my one and only Chanel...so far

  13. Congrats. It is a great bag. Enjoy!
  14. thats a beautiful, gorgeous piece.
  15. Congrats! Can't wait to see photos!