I broke down and bought......*PICS*

  1. Originally I was on a wait list for Gold Dentelle speedy, but I didn't like it on me IRL. I was going to pass "Dentelle Line", but my SA called me today and said they got Gold and Silver Fersen in......

    The bag is really big, but I LOVE big bags. And it looks really cute on! I just had to have it......GAH....now I have to think about how I'm going to fund for Patchwork Speedy.....
  2. tis beautiful!! CONGRATS!! :yahoo:
  3. fab bag. it looks great on you!
  4. Oh la la... Very lovely:love: Congrats!:yahoo:
  5. WOW! That is a gorgeous bag, it looks great on you. Perfect choice, congrats!
  6. wow!! i didn't really like the bag on the vuitton site but seeing it on you and in pics wearing it...i love love love the size!! congrats...you look so great in it!
  7. What an awesome bag!! I'm pretty indifferent to dentelle, but I like this one!
  8. Cograts! You lied to me! HAHA!
  9. wow i didn't realize the fersen was that big. congrats! :smile:
  10. I know!! I wasn't even going to buy it.......I feel horrible:graucho:
  11. It looks great on you, congrats!
  12. beautiful congrats
  13. i :heart: that it's so big! looks great on you, esp cross body! wear her in great health! great choice---don't regret it!
  14. I love it! Congrats on a FAB bag!
  15. ohhh she's beautiful! congratulations!