I Broke Down and Bought a New Computer

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  1. I have been accessing the Internet with a 6 year old Dell running Windows ME and it just keeps locking up and dying these days. I knew its time was short when I started having trouble shutting it down. :worried:

    Anyway, I ponied up the money (around $800) and bought a nice new Dell online tonight. Pentium processor, Windows XP, 80 GB hard drive, 512 Ram. Hopefully that will work for me for another 5 years, anyway!

    I guess I will have to find $800 to cut out of my "purse budge" now! :shame:
  2. How wonderful! Congratulations!
  3. Nice! I almost got a Dell but got a Compaq instead. I wish I had a Dell though!
  4. Congratssss! :nuts:
  5. Nice, Carol! But the big question is did you get your Dell in mono or epi? :lol: :lol: :lol:
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  6. Congrats! Now you can browse for handbags and post on the forum hassle free :biggrin:
  7. I've been putting it off. This computer I am on is so old I can't even download iTunes.

    Great to see you here, Jessica! I got your "message."
  8. my little Dell Inspiron 700 wireless sits on my lap while I am in bed propped up on pillows and I can surf to my hearts content. Dell makes a hell of a computer. I'm sure you will love yours.
  9. :lol::lol:
  10. Very nice. Now do yourself a favor and download and install Firefox.
  11. Can you go a little further into that? Do you need it if you already have virus protection?
  12. Dell inspiron 700 rocks!
  13. You don't need to per say, but it's fabulous as a browser, far superior to IE. There's just better security in terms of popups and other hinderences.. plus there's the option of browsing with tabs so you don't have to open 982304234 windows, it's all in one ! :amuse:
  14. It was definitely its time and it may cut into the purse budget a bit, but hey, now you can look at all the Louis Vuitton on the internet even faster. :lol:
  15. Ayla, would I screw anything up if I installed it?