I bought Wilson's rain protector today...

  1. I already have Shining Monkey but after hearing Sophia's reaction, I wanted to try the Wilson's. I did a search, I think it's ok to use, right? Any advice, any bad reactions, horror stories? Also, how many times do you spray this on it? I'm going to use it on my new bosphore pm:yahoo: which really doesn't have that much vachetta but still I don't want water stains like my other poor bags.
  2. I use Wilson's and I love it. It dries so fast and does not darken the leather. I usually spray it once, wait about 30 minutes and spray again.
  3. This is what I've been buying for years and never had a problem with it! I have been curious about the apple stuff though because some pf'ers seem to claim the vachetta stays very light with the appleguard?? The wilson has always kept my vachetta from darkening quick and uneven but it does still darken a bit (not that it really bothers me though). I'm not really good about applying often though, I just do it when I get the bag and how much I use the bag depends on when or if I apply it again.
  4. Thanks for your responses.
    LOLA, , did you mean that the vachetta darkens a bit after you spray it on and stays that way. I know that there is no change at all with Shining Monkey.
  5. I always use Wilson's Spray and never had a problem. No it doesnt darken the leather at all. I kinda wish it would because I dont like when its so light in color. I can have a heavy hand sometimes, but it all dries up spot free. Apple is ok too but I know it takes longer to dry.
  6. I use Wilson's leather protectant on all my bags, coats and shoes, I never had any problems with it, I sprayed on my Batignolles vachetta and I had the usual results. :yes:
  7. Thanks everyone. I will spray it tomorrow :smile:
  8. No, no, the spray doesn't darken the vachetta at all.....I was saying it slows the patina process a little but what I've read of appleguard, it sounds like appleguard slows it down even more which makes me think it may protect a little better....sorry
  9. I've used wilson's on my wapity a couple of times and i think it works very well. I haven't had any problems. I hear that it slows patina.
  10. Sorry to resurrect an old thread...I have Wilson's spray. Is it safe to use on the canvas as well (mono, damier, and azur) or do you use it on just the vaschetta?
  11. I used it on my pink leather coat and it didn't darken the color at all.