I bought two Paddies in a Month!*GUILTY!


Stay Gold!
Nov 4, 2006
:crybaby:I dont know what to do with myself!
After won a 2005 tan paddies, I am hooked so I bought the choc one! I dont even need these bags cos I have other bags!
I feel so guilty since I OUGHT to save as I am moving to Japan next year!!! But I love these two paddies like there is no tomorrow! They are so beautiful...
I couldnt upload the pics since the files are too large...here are the links of the paddies I've won...

eBay: 100% AUTH USED CHLOE PADDINGTON IN TAN 2005 W ORIG REC (item 300049114431 end time Nov-23-06 14:09:00 PST)

eBay Australia: AUTH*CHLOE CHOCOLATE PADDINGTON*2005 LTHR!! NR & MINT!! (item 220051929403, end time 29-Nov-06 10:05:11 AEDST)

I need a nudge whether I should keep or sell them!
Any opinions will be great ....*;)


finally home
Apr 28, 2006
Wow....you did good! They're both beautiful and you can't beat Chloe 2005 leather. Why don't you keep them for awhile and see how much you use them? Both colors are so versatile. Then if you decide to sell one or both you should be able to get your money back with no problem. (Or maybe sell some of your other bags?) Good luck! :yes:


Jun 8, 2006
Oh you did good! ESPECIALLY that choco paddy - the 05 choco is THE best! Plus you got it from SUCH a sweet PFer!!!

Maybe you can keep them both if you're good and don't get anything else before your move to Japan next year?


Personal Shopper
Apr 9, 2006
As far as I can see from the pictures both colours are too similar and might need similar wear, so I'd say return the chocolate one. Maybe then the guilt will go away, and you still have a beautiful bag!


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Nov 4, 2006
Thank you Debsmith, Theglamurous, Roxanne, Compulsivepurse, Jadecee, Mona_danya, Ebay*queen*, Cristina, Rinstar 311, Choco, D&G rockstar, and Sharbear 508!

As they are so beautiful, it is so hard to resist them. This forum has done me damaged LOL :P *turned me into a Paddy addict

Agreed, Thompk is so sweet, as well as Sumoflufpuff...I give my full recommendation for them..
I had initially wanted to return the choc since of the zipper issue and Thompk has been so sweet and helpful...however my love just grow everyday for the choc so I think I will keep it...
I love the tan too...it works so well with my wardrobe...oh i love them two!:tender: i 'll see how i am going...if i were to sell them i think it will be so hard to choose which colour I will keep..
2005 leather are so smooth...i cant stop patting them when I'm bored on the train on my way home or to work....LOL:lol:

however for now, I will ban myself and...enjoy my beloved tan and choc paddies....:blush: *still patting the smooth leather LOL

Thanks again ladies, you guys have convinced me!

Your guys are legend!
Have a wonderful holiday season too..