i bought this

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  1. so i needed a new wallet that was small enough to go in a swingpack and wouldnt scratch easily. i loked at some wristlets but in the end decided to go w this. havent cut the tags off yet bc im still a little uncertian plus it is for my bday in a month...


    plus last month i did a favor for a friend who has moved to the US so she sent me the skinny in this print as a v nice thank you.
  2. It just brought up the miniskinnies page.
  3. oh weird i guess coach.com wont let me borrow the pic
    it is the waverly small zip wallet in beige/raspberry coated canvas.
  4. That sounds very pretty!
  5. The colors sound cute. Are you keeping it?
  6. I think so grt price and I love the durability of coated canvas only thing I don't like is cc slots are just satin made
  7. Sounds great! Keep it :smile:
  8. decided i am going to keep it. too cute!