I bought this prada bag for work!!!

  1. Congratulations it is a lovely bag.
  2. Great choice!! I love the frame look.
  3. very cute bag! :biggrin:
  4. That's perfect! Congrats!! Post pics when you can!!
  5. Lovely bag, congrats!
  6. Really? Does a laptop fit? That's a stoke! I prefer it to the Miu Miu. Good choice
  7. Cute! Congratulations!
  8. opps.. i guess i posted the wrong bag. the one on neiman is taller while mine is shorter, around 12" tall. i put my small IBM labtop (around A4 size) and fits perfectly. :yes: here are pics with me modelling it :yahoo:

    while i am happy with the bag, i saw a leather version of it in Saks, but the logo plate is different and without the gold studs. do you think i should do the exchange? i love the style of it and the framed top, and seems around $300 more a leather one is more worthy.. what do you think??

    prada-me-1-1.JPG prada-me-3-1.JPG
  9. Personally, I like the black bag (the one you already purchased) better. The hardware is nicer, and I don't like the color of the leather version at Saks. But, of course, it all depends on what you prefer and want out of your bag.
  10. wow!Very nice!
  11. I love it!!! Not sure what the leather lookslike but from what you described..It seems more plain than this...I think this is sharp...Perfect for your laptop!!!! Congrats...And btw it looks great on you!!!
  12. I prefer the leather- but both have great shapes!
  13. Congratulations
  14. Congratulations!