I bought this last month, but has no clue what ligne it's from...

  1. I fell in love with this bag the moment I laid eyes on it. :heart::heart::heart:

    I asked the SA at the boutique if I can carry it, and she said yes... and as soon as I felt it on my hands... that's it. I knew then that there was no turning back. It's lambskin, it's soft as a pillow, and it's a flap. I love flap. It has a totally a different chain and strap. It's so comfortable on my shoulder. I asked the SA what ligne this bag is from, she simply said it's from the F/W 07 collection... ??? Does anybody know?
  2. I have not seen that bag before, but I love the chain detail on the side of the strap, and the shoulder strap looks so comfortable too. It's very classic looking, with a bit of a twist. I really like it. Hopefully someone here will know what line it's from, as I am curious too.
  3. It's gorgeous, and looks very comfy to wear. Thanks for sharing!!
  4. Thanks DD101 and Michelle... yes, it's very comfy to carry, and it's very light too...
  5. A34856 Y01669 94305
    calfskin flap bag with chain enamelled details from Spring-summer 2007 ready to wear collection.Hope it helped:smile:
  6. I don't know. But that bag is adorable!!!
  7. Is Beauitful, I have not see it IRL but it looks soft amazing lambskin leather!Congrats:tup:
  8. GOOD GOD.....I freakin LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS-how much was retail?????EEK!
  9. forgot to add : love the handle too, it look like it is very comfortable, and that is always a plus:yes:
  10. hmm i kind of like this. i am like jill
    how much was this ?
  11. It also came in white; I think it was between 1400-1500 Euros around $2000 .Lovely bag !
  12. ohhhhh what an amazing, beautiful bag! holy crap, the leather looks so smooshy and buttery soft! and the closure, cute!!
  13. Cute bag! Chanel yet different! And lambskin is such a bonus. I love it!
  14. it is calfskin :smile:
  15. Great bag. Congrats.