I bought this dress but what shoes??

  1. I personally would do pewter heels. I tend to make boring shoe choices though :shrugs: I think pink, fuchsia or purple could be cute too.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. black would match the dress...but you could also do a Red shoe!
  3. I was thinking black as well so I could match my chanel flap too it but I thought that might be too boring! I usually make boring choices as well, lol.

    Red could work!?!
  4. i think like a deep red would work ! PATENT!
  5. Black would definitely work!

    I was actually thinking red would look good too. I really like that dress! Super cute!!!
  6. why would you weat it with any other shoe than a RED color one?
  7. Red or hot pink!
  8. I think you could wear it with almost any color, since the dress is such a neutral... what about something fun like fushia or purple! And You could still use your black chanel bag too!
  9. Nordstrom has some great shoes that would work...

  10. Thanks for all your suggestions...
    I tried it with a pair of black patents tonight and it looked cute! Now I need to go on the hunt for some patent reds...wish me luck :smile:
  11. Black would look awesome w/ the dress. Also red, silver, gold, bronze would look good.
  12. patent red or grey
  13. Why not the classic laced christian louboutin super heels? The YSL Tribute shoe in metallic that is in this season will look fabulous too.
  14. What a cute dress! I would think either gray, silver, or pewter would work best.