I BOUGHT THIS AUCTION!! what d ya think?

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  1. i decided to bought this black MC PTI on ebay :love: . and i think it's quite a deal for 400$, although it doesn't come with the box etc. i need your opinion ladies... the item number is 6890746907.
    this PTI in my country LV store cost around 670 US$, compared to in US $585 :cry:

    again, i postponed my buying on MC speedy (my life achievement on LV) for the smaller MC item...

    i also post some pics from this auction.
    thanks girlsss
    13210977_o.jpg 13210978_o.jpg 13210979_o.jpg 13210980_o.jpg 13210981_o.jpg 13210982_o.jpg
  2. looks good to me
  3. thanks...